Commit 6d44694e authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(pp-eval-expression): Use `X' to read value.

Non-interactive arg is the value, not the expression.
parent 71a05b36
......@@ -97,13 +97,16 @@ Output stream is STREAM, or value of `standard-output' (which see)."
(princ (pp-to-string object) (or stream standard-output)))
(defun pp-eval-expression (expression)
"Evaluate EXPRESSION and pretty-print value into a new display buffer.
If the pretty-printed value fits on one line, the message line is used
instead. The value is also consed onto the front of the list
in the variable `values'."
(interactive "xPp-eval: ")
(setq values (cons (eval expression) values))
(defun pp-eval-expression (expval)
"Evaluate an expression, then pretty-print value EXPVAL into a new buffer.
If pretty-printed EXPVAL fits on one line, display it in the echo
area instead. Also add EXPVAL to the front of the list
in the variable `values'.
Non-interactively, the argument is the value, EXPVAL, not the expression
to evaluate."
(interactive "XPp-eval: ")
(setq values (cons expval values))
(let* ((old-show-function temp-buffer-show-function)
;; Use this function to display the buffer.
;; This function either decides not to display it at all
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