Commit 6d925726 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(Voverflow_newline_into_fringe, syms_of_xdisp)

(left_bits, right_bits, up_arrow_bits, down_arrow_bits)
(continued_bits, continuation_bits, ov_bits, first_line_bits)
(last_line_bits, filled_box_cursor_bits, hollow_box_cursor_bits)
(bar_cursor_bits, hbar_cursor_bits, zv_bits, hollow_square_bits)
(fringe_bitmaps, draw_fringe_bitmap, draw_row_fringe_bitmaps)
(draw_window_fringes, compute_fringe_widths, update_window_fringes):
Move fringe handling vars and code to new file fringe.c.
(handle_display_prop): Handle left-fringe and right-fringe
display properties; store user fringe bitmaps in iterator.
(move_it_in_display_line_to): Handle cursor in fringe at eob.
(clear_garbaged_frames): Set force_flush_display_p if resized.
(redisplay_window): Redraw fringe bitmaps if not just_this_one_p.
(display_line): Handle cursor in fringe at eob.
(display_line): Set row user fringe bitmaps from iterator.
parent 4fa0780f
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