Commit 6db15364 authored by Vinicius Jose Latorre's avatar Vinicius Jose Latorre
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Initialize some vars.

parent 220f0532
2007-03-05 Vinicius Jose Latorre <>
* ps-print.el: Replace some (defvar VAR) by (defvar VAR nil).
2007-03-05 Richard Stallman <>
* emacs-lisp/re-builder.el (reb-re-syntax): Fix custom type.
......@@ -3966,7 +3966,7 @@ Note: No major/minor-mode is activated and no local variables are evaluated for
(defvar ps-mark-code-directory)
(defvar ps-mark-code-directory nil)
(defvar ps-print-prologue-0 ""
"ps-print PostScript error handler.")
......@@ -3976,12 +3976,12 @@ Note: No major/minor-mode is activated and no local variables are evaluated for
;; Start Editing Here:
(defvar ps-source-buffer)
(defvar ps-source-buffer nil)
(defvar ps-spool-buffer-name "*PostScript*")
(defvar ps-spool-buffer)
(defvar ps-spool-buffer nil)
(defvar ps-output-head)
(defvar ps-output-tail)
(defvar ps-output-head nil)
(defvar ps-output-tail nil)
(defvar ps-page-postscript 0) ; page number
(defvar ps-page-order 0) ; PostScript page counter
......@@ -3991,29 +3991,29 @@ Note: No major/minor-mode is activated and no local variables are evaluated for
(defvar ps-page-n-up 0) ; n-up counter
(defvar ps-lines-printed 0) ; total lines printed
(defvar ps-showline-count 1) ; line number counter
(defvar ps-first-page)
(defvar ps-last-page)
(defvar ps-first-page nil)
(defvar ps-last-page nil)
(defvar ps-print-page-p t)
(defvar ps-control-or-escape-regexp)
(defvar ps-n-up-on)
(defvar ps-control-or-escape-regexp nil)
(defvar ps-n-up-on nil)
(defvar ps-background-pages)
(defvar ps-background-all-pages)
(defvar ps-background-pages nil)
(defvar ps-background-all-pages nil)
(defvar ps-background-text-count 0)
(defvar ps-background-image-count 0)
(defvar ps-current-font 0)
(defvar ps-default-foreground)
(defvar ps-default-background)
(defvar ps-default-color)
(defvar ps-current-color)
(defvar ps-current-bg)
(defvar ps-default-foreground nil)
(defvar ps-default-background nil)
(defvar ps-default-color nil)
(defvar ps-current-color nil)
(defvar ps-current-bg nil)
(defvar ps-zebra-stripe-full-p)
(defvar ps-zebra-stripe-full-p nil)
(defvar ps-razchunk 0)
(defvar ps-color-p)
(defvar ps-color-p nil)
(defvar ps-color-format
(if (featurep 'xemacs)
;; XEmacs will have to make do with %s (princ) for floats.
......@@ -4042,20 +4042,20 @@ This is in units of points (1/72 inch).")
(defmacro ps-page-dimensions-get-height (dims) `(nth 1 ,dims))
(defmacro ps-page-dimensions-get-media (dims) `(nth 2 ,dims))
(defvar ps-landscape-page-height)
(defvar ps-landscape-page-height nil)
(defvar ps-print-width)
(defvar ps-print-height)
(defvar ps-print-width nil)
(defvar ps-print-height nil)
(defvar ps-height-remaining)
(defvar ps-width-remaining)
(defvar ps-height-remaining nil)
(defvar ps-width-remaining nil)
(defvar ps-font-size-internal)
(defvar ps-header-font-size-internal)
(defvar ps-header-title-font-size-internal)
(defvar ps-footer-font-size-internal)
(defvar ps-line-spacing-internal)
(defvar ps-paragraph-spacing-internal)
(defvar ps-font-size-internal nil)
(defvar ps-header-font-size-internal nil)
(defvar ps-header-title-font-size-internal nil)
(defvar ps-footer-font-size-internal nil)
(defvar ps-line-spacing-internal nil)
(defvar ps-paragraph-spacing-internal nil)
......@@ -4252,10 +4252,10 @@ If EXTENSION is any other symbol, it is ignored."
(defvar ps-print-hook)
(defvar ps-print-begin-sheet-hook)
(defvar ps-print-begin-page-hook)
(defvar ps-print-begin-column-hook)
(defvar ps-print-hook nil)
(defvar ps-print-begin-sheet-hook nil)
(defvar ps-print-begin-page-hook nil)
(defvar ps-print-begin-column-hook nil)
(defun ps-print-without-faces (from to &optional filename region-p)
......@@ -4832,10 +4832,10 @@ page-height == ((floor print-height ((th + ls) * zh)) * ((th + ls) * zh)) - th
content (cdr content)))
(nreverse str)))
(defvar ps-lh-cache)
(defvar ps-rh-cache)
(defvar ps-lf-cache)
(defvar ps-rf-cache)
(defvar ps-lh-cache nil)
(defvar ps-rh-cache nil)
(defvar ps-lf-cache nil)
(defvar ps-rf-cache nil)
(defun ps-header-footer-string ()
(and ps-print-header
......@@ -6128,7 +6128,7 @@ XSTART YSTART are the relative position for the first page in a sheet.")
(/ q-done (/ q-todo 100)))
(defvar ps-last-font)
(defvar ps-last-font nil)
(defun ps-set-font (font)
(setq ps-last-font (format "f%d" (setq ps-current-font font)))
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