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* NEWS: New functions `start-file-process-shell-command' and

parent 0799b7c7
2007-07-24 Michael Albinus <>
* NEWS: New functions `start-file-process-shell-command' and
2007-07-17 Michael Albinus <>
* NEWS: `file-remote-p' has a new optional parameter IDENTIFICATION.
......@@ -189,7 +189,9 @@ with a given image specification.
** The new function `start-file-process is similar to `start-process',
but obeys file handlers. The file handler is chosen based on
`default-directory'. The functions `start-file-process-shell-command'
and `process-file-shell-command' are also new; they call internally
`start-file-process and `process-file', respectively.
** `file-remote-p' has new optional parameters IDENTIFICATION and CONNECTED.
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