Commit 6dd5561c authored by Francesco Potortì's avatar Francesco Potortì

* etags.c (outf, outfiledir): renamed to tagf, tagfiledir.

	(PF_funcs, Asm_funcs, L_funcs, PAS_funcs, TEX_funcs,
	Scheme_funcs, prolog_funcs): renamed to Fortran_functions,
	Asm_labels, Lisp_functions, Pascal_functions, Scheme_functions,
	TeX_functions, Prolog_functions.
	(inf): no more a global variable.
	(C_entries): take 2nd parameter `inf' instead of using the global one.
	(find_entries): added the cp1 var for optimisation.
	(find_entries): added more suffixes for assembler files.
	(Asm_funcs): Now finds labels even without an ending colon.
parent 46b4e741
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