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Document scroll-up-aggressively and scroll-down-aggressively.

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......@@ -128,6 +128,27 @@ move point just a little off the screen---less than @var{n} lines---then
Emacs scrolls the text just far enough to bring point back on screen.
By default, @code{scroll-conservatively} is 0.
@cindex aggressive scrolling
@vindex scroll-up-aggressively
@vindex scroll-down-aggressively
If you prefer a more aggresive scrolling, customize the values of the
variables @code{scroll-up-aggressively} and
@code{scroll-down-aggressively}. The value of
@code{scroll-up-aggressively} should be either nil or a fraction @var{f}
between 0 and 1. If it is a fraction, that specifies where on the
screen to put point when scrolling upward. More precisely, when a
window scrolls up because point is above the window start, the new start
position is chosen to put point @var{f} part of the window height from
the top. The larger @var{f}, the more aggressive the scrolling.
A value of @code{nil} is equivalent to .5, since its effect is to center
Likewise, @code{scroll-down-aggressively} is used for scrolling down.
The value, @var{f}, specifies how far point should be placed from the
bottom of the window; thus, as with @code{scroll-up-aggressively}, a
larger value scrolls more aggressively.
@vindex scroll-margin
The variable @code{scroll-margin} restricts how close point can come
to the top or bottom of a window. Its value is a number of screen
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