Commit 6e2f6f45 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

Removed all support for Emacs-18:

Removed autoload for `backquote'.
Removed arglist specifications for `documentation' and `fset'.
(ad-emacs19-p, ad-use-jwz-compiler): Removed these variables.
(ad-lemacs-p, ad-v19-compiled-p, ad-subr-arglist,
ad-make-advised-docstring): Removed reference to `ad-emacs19-p'.
(ad-compiled-p): Renamed from `ad-v19-compiled-p'.  Removed old
definition of `ad-compiled-p'.
(ad-compiled-code): Renamed from `ad-v19-compiled-code'.
(ad-arglists, ad-docstring, ad-interactive-form): Use new names.
(ad-body-forms): Always return nil for compiled definitions.
(ad-compile-function): Simplified, because the v19 incarnation of
`byte-compile' can compile macros.
(ad-real-byte-codify): Removed.
(ad-execute-defadvices): Removed. The `defadvice's it contained
are now at the top level.
(ad-advised-byte-code-definition): Renamed to `ad-advised-byte-code'
and removed the definition of `ad-advised-byte-code' via `fset'.
(ad-advised-byte-code-definition, ad-recover-byte-code,
ad-stop-advice, ad-recover-normality): Removed
`ad-real-byte-codify'-cation of their definitions.
(ad-adjust-stack-sizes): Removed.
(ad-enable-definition-hooks, ad-disable-definition-hooks):
Removed v19 conditionalization.

Fixed the problematic interaction between the
byte-compiler and Advice when `ad-activate-on-definition' was t which
resulted in erroneous compilation of nested `defun/defmacro's:
(byte-compile-from-buffer, byte-compile-top-level): Advised
to temporarily deactivate the advice of `defun/defmacro'.
(ad-advised-definers, ad-advised-byte-compilers): New variables.
(ad-enable-definition-hooks, ad-disable-definition-hooks):
En/disable the advised byte-compiler entry points.

(defadvice): Implement a `freeze' option which expands
the `defadvice' into a redefining and dumpable `defun/defmacro'
whose documentation can be written to the `DOC' file. Frozen
advices cannot be undone, hence, they do not need any Advice
runtime support.
(ad-defadvice-flags): Add `freeze' flag.
(ad-make-advised-docstring, ad-make-single-advice-docstring):
New STYLE option for `plain' and `freeze' styles. Slightly
changed the default formatting of advised docstrings.
(ad-make-plain-docstring, ad-make-freeze-docstring): New functions.

(ad-recover-all, ad-scan-byte-code-for-fsets):
Removed unused condition variable `ignore-errors'.

(ad-save-real-definition): New macro to save real
definitions of functions used by Advice.
Use `ad-save-real-definition' to save definitions of `fset',
`byte-code' and now also `documentation'.
(ad-subr-arglist, ad-docstring, ad-make-advised-docstring):
Use `ad-real-documentation' to avoid interference with the
advised version of `documentation'.

(ad-execute-defadvices): Copy advice infos.

(ad-start-advice-on-load): Default changed to t.
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