Commit 6e5cbb63 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(ehelp-command): Use defalias to define ehelp-command.

Give it a doc string, and autoload it.
parent 6df8016c
......@@ -418,8 +418,11 @@ will select it.)"
(substitute-key-definition 'describe-bindings 'electric-describe-bindings map)
(substitute-key-definition 'describe-syntax 'electric-describe-syntax map)
(setq ehelp-map map)
(fset 'ehelp-command map)))
(setq ehelp-map map)))
;;;###(autoload 'ehelp-command "ehelp" "Prefix command for ehelp." t 'keymap)
(defalias 'ehelp-command ehelp-map)
(put 'ehelp-command 'documentation "Prefix command for ehelp.")
(provide 'ehelp)
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