Commit 6e6b84ef authored by Francesco Potortì's avatar Francesco Potortì
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(auto-mode-alist): Add knowledge of .sx[dmicw] file

suffixes for Open office data files.
parent 6eaa6db4
......@@ -1554,6 +1554,7 @@ in that case, this function acts as if `enable-local-variables' were t."
("\\.tar\\'" . tar-mode)
("\\.\\(arc\\|zip\\|lzh\\|zoo\\|jar\\)\\'" . archive-mode)
("\\.\\(ARC\\|ZIP\\|LZH\\|ZOO\\|JAR\\)\\'" . archive-mode)
("\\.sx[dmicw]\\'" . archive-mode) ; Open office
;; Mailer puts message to be edited in
;; /tmp/Re.... or Message
("\\`/tmp/Re" . text-mode)
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