Commit 6e6fc3fd authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(syms_of_image): Init image_types here, and call define_image_type.

(init_image): Not here.
parent bda2c1ff
......@@ -8025,6 +8025,11 @@ syms_of_image ()
extern Lisp_Object Qrisky_local_variable; /* Syms_of_xdisp has already run. */
/* Initialize this only once, since that's what we do with Vimage_types
and they are supposed to be in sync. Initializing here gives correct
operation on GNU/Linux of calling dump-emacs after loading some images. */
image_types = NULL;
/* Must be defined now becase we're going to update it below, while
defining the supported image types. */
DEFVAR_LISP ("image-types", &Vimage_types,
......@@ -8033,6 +8038,9 @@ Each element of the list is a symbol for a image type, like 'jpeg or 'png.
To check whether it is really supported, use `image-type-available-p'. */);
Vimage_types = Qnil;
define_image_type (&xbm_type, 1);
define_image_type (&pbm_type, 1);
DEFVAR_LISP ("image-library-alist", &Vimage_library_alist,
doc: /* Alist of image types vs external libraries needed to display them.
......@@ -8163,11 +8171,6 @@ meaning don't clear the cache. */);
init_image ()
image_types = NULL;
define_image_type (&xbm_type, 1);
define_image_type (&pbm_type, 1);
#ifdef MAC_OS
/* Animated gifs use QuickTime Movie Toolbox. So initialize it here. */
EnterMovies ();
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