Commit 6e9f6940 authored by Boris Goldowsky's avatar Boris Goldowsky
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(texinfo-mode): Remove ^ from paragraph-start & paragraph-separate.

parent 886f1656
......@@ -374,9 +374,9 @@ value of texinfo-mode-hook."
(make-local-variable 'indent-tabs-mode)
(setq indent-tabs-mode nil)
(make-local-variable 'paragraph-separate)
(setq paragraph-separate (concat "^\b\\|^@[a-zA-Z]*[ \n]\\|" paragraph-separate))
(setq paragraph-separate (concat "\b\\|@[a-zA-Z]*[ \n]\\|" paragraph-separate))
(make-local-variable 'paragraph-start)
(setq paragraph-start (concat "^\b\\|^@[a-zA-Z]*[ \n]\\|" paragraph-start))
(setq paragraph-start (concat "\b\\|@[a-zA-Z]*[ \n]\\|" paragraph-start))
(make-local-variable 'fill-column)
(setq fill-column 72)
(make-local-variable 'comment-start)
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