Commit 6ed96c33 authored by Martin Rudalics's avatar Martin Rudalics Committed by Chong Yidong
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* dired.el (dired-pop-to-buffer): Bind pop-up-frames to nil (Bug#7533).

parent 37bf6ce2
2010-12-04 Martin Rudalics <>
* dired.el (dired-pop-to-buffer): Bind pop-up-frames to nil
2010-12-04 W. Martin Borgert <> (tiny change)
* files.el (auto-mode-alist): Handle .dbk (DocBook) with xml-mode.
......@@ -2755,7 +2755,8 @@ name, or the marker and a count of marked files."
;; that's possible. (Bug#1806)
;; Otherwise, try to split WINDOW sensibly.
(split-window-sensibly window)))))
(split-window-sensibly window))))
(pop-to-buffer (get-buffer-create buf)))
;; If dired-shrink-to-fit is t, make its window fit its contents.
(when dired-shrink-to-fit
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