Commit 6f037f42 authored by Noam Postavsky's avatar Noam Postavsky
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Honor print-charset-text-property value of nil (Bug#31376)

* src/print.c (print_check_string_charset_prop): Move check
for nil Vprint_charset_text_property from here...
(print_prune_string_charset): ... to here.
(syms_of_print) <print-charset-text-property>: Clarify that any
non-boolean values are treated the same as `default'.
* doc/lispref/streams.texi (Output Variables): Add
* test/src/print-tests.el (print-charset-text-property-nil)
(print-charset-text-property-t): New tests.
(print-tests--prints-with-charset-p): New helper function.
parent 0d224e82
......@@ -809,6 +809,21 @@ when the output stream is a unibyte buffer or a marker pointing into
@end defvar
@defvar print-charset-text-property
This variable controls printing of `charset' text property on printing
a string. The value should be @code{nil}, @code{t}, or
If the value is @code{nil}, @code{charset} text properties are never
printed. If @code{t}, they are always printed.
If the value is @code{default}, only print @code{charset} text
properties if there is an ``unexpected'' @code{charset} property. For
ascii characters, all charsets are considered ``expected''.
Otherwise, the expected @code{charset} property of a character is
given by @code{char-charset}.
@end defvar
@defvar print-length
@cindex printing limits
The value of this variable is the maximum number of elements to print in
......@@ -1317,8 +1317,7 @@ print_check_string_charset_prop (INTERVAL interval, Lisp_Object string)
|| CONSP (XCDR (XCDR (val))))
print_check_string_result |= PRINT_STRING_NON_CHARSET_FOUND;
if (NILP (Vprint_charset_text_property)
|| ! (print_check_string_result & PRINT_STRING_UNSAFE_CHARSET_FOUND))
if (! (print_check_string_result & PRINT_STRING_UNSAFE_CHARSET_FOUND))
int i, c;
ptrdiff_t charpos = interval->position;
......@@ -1348,7 +1347,8 @@ print_prune_string_charset (Lisp_Object string)
print_check_string_result = 0;
traverse_intervals (string_intervals (string), 0,
print_check_string_charset_prop, string);
if (! (print_check_string_result & PRINT_STRING_UNSAFE_CHARSET_FOUND))
if (NILP (Vprint_charset_text_property)
|| ! (print_check_string_result & PRINT_STRING_UNSAFE_CHARSET_FOUND))
string = Fcopy_sequence (string);
if (print_check_string_result & PRINT_STRING_NON_CHARSET_FOUND)
......@@ -2423,7 +2423,7 @@ that need to be recorded in the table. */);
DEFVAR_LISP ("print-charset-text-property", Vprint_charset_text_property,
doc: /* A flag to control printing of `charset' text property on printing a string.
The value must be nil, t, or `default'.
The value should be nil, t, or `default'.
If the value is nil, don't print the text property `charset'.
......@@ -2431,7 +2431,8 @@ If the value is t, always print the text property `charset'.
If the value is `default', print the text property `charset' only when
the value is different from what is guessed in the current charset
priorities. */);
priorities. Values other than nil or t are also treated as
`default'. */);
Vprint_charset_text_property = Qdefault;
/* prin1_to_string_buffer initialized in init_buffer_once in buffer.c */
......@@ -27,6 +27,42 @@
(prin1-to-string "\u00A2\ff"))
(defun print-tests--prints-with-charset-p (ch odd-charset)
"Return t if `prin1-to-string' prints CH with the `charset' property.
CH is propertized with a `charset' value according to
ODD-CHARSET: if nil, then use the one returned by `char-charset',
otherwise, use a different charset."
(propertize (string ch)
(if odd-charset
(cl-find (char-charset ch) charset-list :test-not #'eq)
(char-charset ch)))))))
(ert-deftest print-charset-text-property-nil ()
(let ((print-charset-text-property nil))
(should-not (print-tests--prints-with-charset-p ?\xf6 t)) ; Bug#31376.
(should-not (print-tests--prints-with-charset-p ?a t))
(should-not (print-tests--prints-with-charset-p ?\xf6 nil))
(should-not (print-tests--prints-with-charset-p ?a nil))))
(ert-deftest print-charset-text-property-default ()
(let ((print-charset-text-property 'default))
(should (print-tests--prints-with-charset-p ?\xf6 t))
(should-not (print-tests--prints-with-charset-p ?a t))
(should-not (print-tests--prints-with-charset-p ?\xf6 nil))
(should-not (print-tests--prints-with-charset-p ?a nil))))
(ert-deftest print-charset-text-property-t ()
(let ((print-charset-text-property t))
(should (print-tests--prints-with-charset-p ?\xf6 t))
(should (print-tests--prints-with-charset-p ?a t))
(should (print-tests--prints-with-charset-p ?\xf6 nil))
(should (print-tests--prints-with-charset-p ?a nil))))
(ert-deftest terpri ()
(should (string= (with-output-to-string
(princ 'abc)
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