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Discuss C-w.

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......@@ -355,6 +355,19 @@ started by C-f and M-f (well, <Delete> is not really a control
character, but let's not worry about that). C-k and M-k are like C-e
and M-e, sort of, in that lines are opposite sentences.
You can also kill any part of the buffer with one uniform method.
Move to one end of that part, and type C-@ or C-SPC (either one).
Move to the other end of that part, and type C-w. That kills
all the text between the two positions.
>> Move the cursor to the Y at the start of the previous paragraph.
>> Type C-SPC. Emacs should display a message "Mark set"
at the bottom of the screen.
>> Move the cursor to the n in "end", on the second line of the
>> Type C-w. This will kill the text starting from the Y,
and ending just before the n.
When you delete more than one character at a time, Emacs saves the
deleted text so that you can bring it back. Bringing back killed text
is called "yanking". You can yank the killed text either at the same
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