Commit 6f37a576 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(auto-coding-alist): Add pdf => no-conversion.

parent 207f10c6
2007-04-29 Richard Stallman <>
* international/mule.el (auto-coding-alist): Add pdf => no-conversion.
2007-04-28 Stefan Monnier <>
* progmodes/cc-mode.el (c-before-change): Use point-min rather
......@@ -1586,6 +1586,7 @@ text, and convert it in the temporary buffer. Otherwise, convert in-place."
("\\.\\(sx[dmicw]\\|odt\\|tar\\|tgz\\)\\'" . no-conversion)
("\\.\\(gz\\|Z\\|bz\\|bz2\\|gpg\\)\\'" . no-conversion)
("\\.\\(jpe?g\\|png\\|gif\\|tiff?\\|p[bpgn]m\\)\\'" . no-conversion)
("\\.pdf\\'" . no-conversion)
("/#[^/]+#\\'" . emacs-mule))
"Alist of filename patterns vs corresponding coding systems.
Each element looks like (REGEXP . CODING-SYSTEM).
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