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......@@ -27,10 +27,11 @@ admin/notes/git-workflow.
** Getting involved with development
Discussion about Emacs development takes place on
You can subscribe to the mailing list, paying
attention to postings with subject lines containing "emacs-announce",
as these discuss important events like feature freezes. See for mailing list
You can subscribe to the mailing list.
If you want to get only the important mails (for things like
feature freezes), choose to receive only the 'emacs-announce' topic
(although so far this feature has not been well or consistently used).
See for mailing list
instructions and archives. You can develop and commit changes in your
own copy of the repository, and discuss proposed changes on the
mailing list. Frequent contributors to Emacs can request write access
......@@ -177,6 +177,11 @@ General steps (for each step, check for possible errors):
See the info-gnu-emacs mailing list archives for the form
of past announcements. The first pretest announcement, and the
release announcement, should have more detail.
Use the emacs-devel topic 'emacs-announce'. The best way to do
this is to add a header "Keywords: emacs-announce" to your mail.
(You can also put it in the Subject, but this is not as good
because replies that invariably are not announcements also get
sent out as if they were.)
12. After a release, update the Emacs pages as below.
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