Commit 6f4983e6 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(wildcard-to-regexp): New function.

(recover-session): Bind ls-lisp-support-shell-wildcards to t.
parent f8250f01
......@@ -2200,7 +2200,8 @@ previous sessions that you could recover from.
To choose one, move point to the proper line and then type C-c C-c.
Then you'll be asked about a number of files to recover."
(dired (concat auto-save-list-file-prefix "*"))
(let ((ls-lisp-support-shell-wildcards t))
(dired (concat auto-save-list-file-prefix "*")))
(goto-char (point-min))
(or (looking-at "Move to the session you want to recover,")
(let ((inhibit-read-only t))
......@@ -2373,6 +2374,73 @@ See also `auto-save-file-name-p'."
FILENAME should lack slashes. You can redefine this for customization."
(string-match "^#.*#$" filename))
(defun wildcard-to-regexp (wildcard)
"Given a shell file name pattern WILDCARD, return an equivalent regexp.
The generated regexp will match a filename iff the filename
matches that wildcard according to shell rules. Only wildcards known
by `sh' are supported."
(let* ((i (string-match "[[.*+\\^$?]" wildcard))
;; Copy the initial run of non-special characters.
(result (substring wildcard 0 i))
(len (length wildcard)))
;; If no special characters, we're almost done.
(if i
(while (< i len)
(let ((ch (aref wildcard i))
(concat result
((eq ch ?\[) ; [...] maps to regexp char class
(setq i (1+ i))
((eq (aref wildcard i) ?!) ; [!...] -> [^...]
(setq i (1+ i))
(if (eq (aref wildcard i) ?\])
(setq i (1+ i))
((eq (aref wildcard i) ?^)
;; Found "[^". Insert a `\0' character
;; (which cannot happen in a filename)
;; into the character class, so that `^'
;; is not the first character after `[',
;; and thus non-special in a regexp.
(setq i (1+ i))
((eq (aref wildcard i) ?\])
;; I don't think `]' can appear in a
;; character class in a wildcard, but
;; let's be general here.
(setq i (1+ i))
(t "["))
(prog1 ; copy everything upto next `]'.
(substring wildcard
(setq j (string-match
"]" wildcard i)))
(setq i (if j (1- j) (1- len)))))))
((eq ch ?.) "\\.")
((eq ch ?*) "[^\000]*")
((eq ch ?+) "\\+")
((eq ch ?^) "\\^")
((eq ch ?$) "\\$")
((eq ch ?\\) "\\\\") ; probably cannot happen...
((eq ch ??) "[^\000]")
(t (char-to-string ch)))))
(setq i (1+ i)))))
;; Shell wildcards should match the entire filename,
;; not its part. Make the regexp say so.
(concat "\\`" result "\\'")))
(defconst list-directory-brief-switches
(if (eq system-type 'vax-vms) "" "-CF")
"*Switches for list-directory to pass to `ls' for brief listing,")
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