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etc/NEWS: Improve wording of query-replace history entry.

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......@@ -127,12 +127,14 @@ Unicode standards.
** Search and Replace
*** `M-p' in query-replace minibuffer that reads the FROM string
now moves through pairs of previous replacements where FROM and TO
parts are separated by an arrow defined by the new variable
`query-replace-from-to-separator'. After exiting the minibuffer,
replacement is performed with the FROM and TO values extracted
from the strings before and after the separator.
*** Query-replace history is enhanced.
When query-replace reads the FROM string from the minibuffer, typing
`M-p' will now show previous replacements as "FROM SEP TO", where FROM
and TO are the original text and its replacement, and SEP is an arrow
string defined by the new variable `query-replace-from-to-separator'.
To select a prior replacement, type `M-p' until the desired
replacement appears in the minibuffer, and then exit the minibuffer by
typing RET.
** Calc
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