Commit 6f7a57c7 authored by Andreas Schwab's avatar Andreas Schwab
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Fix symbolic mode string conversion for s and t

* lisp/files.el (file-modes-char-to-right): Fix values for ?s and
(file-modes-symbolic-to-number): Default to a for ts permissions.
parent 50b9826a
......@@ -6795,8 +6795,8 @@ If CHAR is in [Xugo], the value is taken from FROM (or 0 if omitted)."
(cond ((= char ?r) #o0444)
((= char ?w) #o0222)
((= char ?x) #o0111)
((= char ?s) #o1000)
((= char ?t) #o6000)
((= char ?s) #o6000)
((= char ?t) #o1000)
;; Rights relative to the previous file modes.
((= char ?X) (if (= (logand from #o111) 0) 0 #o0111))
((= char ?u) (let ((uright (logand #o4700 from)))
......@@ -6852,7 +6852,7 @@ as in \"og+rX-w\"."
(mapcar 'file-modes-char-to-who
(match-string 1 modes)))))
(when (= num-who 0)
(setq num-who (default-file-modes)))
(setq num-who (logior #o7000 (default-file-modes))))
(setq num-modes
(file-modes-rights-to-number (substring modes (match-end 1))
num-who num-modes)
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