Commit 6f9a2614 authored by Juanma Barranquero's avatar Juanma Barranquero
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(ada-xemacs): Variable removed, since it's better to use (featurep 'xemacs).

Removed warnings generated with Emacs 21.3.x (mostly by adding needed `require'
parent 7abe197c
......@@ -126,6 +126,12 @@
;;; `abbrev-mode': Provides the capability to define abbreviations, which
;;; are automatically expanded when you type them. See the Emacs manual.
(require 'ispell nil t)
(require 'find-file nil t)
(require 'align nil t)
(require 'which-func nil t)
(require 'compile nil t))
;; this function is needed at compile time
......@@ -141,16 +147,6 @@ If IS-XEMACS is non-nil, check for XEmacs instead of Emacs."
(>= emacs-minor-version minor)))))))
;; We create a constant for that, for efficiency only
;; This should be evaluated both at compile time, only a runtime
(defconst ada-xemacs (and (boundp 'running-xemacs)
(symbol-value 'running-xemacs))
"Return t if we are using XEmacs."))
(condition-case nil (require 'find-file) (error nil)))
;; This call should not be made in the release that is done for the
;; official Emacs, since it does nothing useful for the latest version
;;(if (not (ada-check-emacs-version 21 1))
......@@ -381,15 +377,20 @@ If nil, no contextual menu is available."
'("/usr/adainclude" "/usr/local/adainclude"
"*List of directories to search for Ada files.
See the description for the `ff-search-directories' variable.
Emacs will automatically add the paths defined in your project file, and if you
are using the GNAT compiler the output of the gnatls command to find where the
runtime really is."
See the description for the `ff-search-directories' variable. This variable
is the initial value of this variable, and is copied and modified in
:type '(repeat (choice :tag "Directory"
(const :tag "default" nil)
(directory :format "%v")))
:group 'ada)
(defvar ada-search-directories-internal ada-search-directories
"Internal version of `ada-search-directories'.
Its value is the concatenation of the search path as read in the project file
and the standard runtime location, and the value of the user-defined
(defcustom ada-stmt-end-indent 0
"*Number of columns to indent the end of a statement on a separate line.
......@@ -850,7 +851,7 @@ declares it as a word constituent."
;; See the comment above on grammar related function for the special
;; setup for '#'.
(if ada-xemacs
(if (featurep 'xemacs)
(modify-syntax-entry ?# "<" ada-mode-syntax-table)
(modify-syntax-entry ?# "$" ada-mode-syntax-table))
......@@ -872,7 +873,7 @@ declares it as a word constituent."
;; Support of special characters in XEmacs (see the comments at the beginning
;; of the section on Grammar related functions).
(if ada-xemacs
(if (featurep 'xemacs)
(defadvice parse-partial-sexp (around parse-partial-sexp-protect-constants)
"Handles special character constants and gnatprep statements."
(let (change)
......@@ -927,7 +928,6 @@ as numbers instead of gnatprep comments."
;; Setting this only if font-lock is not set won't work
;; if the user activates or deactivates font-lock-mode,
;; but will make things faster most of the time
(make-local-hook 'after-change-functions)
(add-hook 'after-change-functions 'ada-after-change-function nil t)
......@@ -1071,7 +1071,7 @@ name"
(defun ada-mode ()
"Ada mode is the major mode for editing Ada code.
This version was built on $Date: 2003/01/31 09:21:42 $.
This version was built on $Date: 2003/05/04 13:55:51 $.
Bindings are as follows: (Note: 'LFD' is control-j.)
......@@ -1148,7 +1148,7 @@ If you use ada-xref.el:
;; Emacs 20.3 defines a comment-padding to insert spaces between
;; the comment and the text. We do not want any, this is already
;; included in comment-start
(unless ada-xemacs
(unless (featurep 'xemacs)
(if (ada-check-emacs-version 20 3)
......@@ -1184,7 +1184,7 @@ If you use ada-xref.el:
;; We need to set some properties for XEmacs, and define some variables
;; for Emacs
(if ada-xemacs
(if (featurep 'xemacs)
;; XEmacs
(put 'ada-mode 'font-lock-defaults
......@@ -1202,10 +1202,10 @@ If you use ada-xref.el:
(set (make-local-variable 'ff-other-file-alist)
(set (make-local-variable 'ff-search-directories)
(setq ff-post-load-hooks 'ada-set-point-accordingly
ff-file-created-hooks 'ada-make-body)
(add-hook 'ff-pre-load-hooks 'ada-which-function-are-we-in)
(setq ff-post-load-hook 'ada-set-point-accordingly
ff-file-created-hook 'ada-make-body)
(add-hook 'ff-pre-load-hook 'ada-which-function-are-we-in)
;; Some special constructs for find-file.el
;; We do not need to add the construction for 'with', which is in the
......@@ -1219,21 +1219,26 @@ If you use ada-xref.el:
"\\(body[ \t]+\\)?"
"\\(\\(\\sw\\|[_.]\\)+\\)\\.\\(\\sw\\|_\\)+[ \t\n]+is"))
(lambda ()
(set 'fname (ff-get-file
(match-string 3))
(if (fboundp 'ff-get-file)
(if (boundp 'fname)
(set 'fname (ff-get-file
(match-string 3))
;; Another special construct for find-file.el : when in a separate clause,
;; go to the correct package.
(add-to-list 'ff-special-constructs
(cons "^separate[ \t\n]*(\\(\\(\\sw\\|[_.]\\)+\\))"
(lambda ()
(set 'fname (ff-get-file
(match-string 1))
(if (fboundp 'ff-get-file)
(if (boundp 'fname)
(setq fname (ff-get-file
(match-string 1))
;; Another special construct, that redefines the one in find-file.el. The
;; old one can handle only one possible type of extension for Ada files
;; remove from the list the standard "with..." that is put by find-file.el,
......@@ -1244,11 +1249,13 @@ If you use ada-xref.el:
(assoc "^with[ \t]+\\([a-zA-Z0-9_\\.]+\\)" ff-special-constructs))
(lambda ()
(set 'fname (ff-get-file
(match-string 1))
(if (fboundp 'ff-get-file)
(if (boundp 'fname)
(set 'fname (ff-get-file
(match-string 1))
(if old-construct
(setcdr old-construct new-cdr)
(add-to-list 'ff-special-constructs
......@@ -1335,7 +1342,7 @@ If you use ada-xref.el:
;; Fix is: redefine a new function ada-which-function, and call it when the
;; major-mode is ada-mode.
(unless ada-xemacs
(unless (featurep 'xemacs)
;; This function do not require that we load which-func now.
;; This can be done by the user if he decides to use which-func-mode
......@@ -1384,10 +1391,9 @@ use imenu."
;; Run this after the hook to give the users a chance to activate
;; font-lock-mode
(unless ada-xemacs
(unless (featurep 'xemacs)
(make-local-hook 'font-lock-mode-hook)
(add-hook 'font-lock-mode-hook 'ada-deactivate-properties nil t)))
;; the following has to be done after running the ada-mode-hook
......@@ -1406,8 +1412,8 @@ use imenu."
;; transient-mark-mode and mark-active are not defined in XEmacs
(defun ada-region-selected ()
"t if a region has been selected by the user and is still active."
(or (and ada-xemacs (funcall (symbol-function 'region-active-p)))
(and (not ada-xemacs)
(or (and (featurep 'xemacs) (funcall (symbol-function 'region-active-p)))
(and (not (featurep 'xemacs))
(symbol-value 'transient-mark-mode)
(symbol-value 'mark-active))))
......@@ -2240,7 +2246,7 @@ offset."
;; This need to be done here so that the advice is not always
;; activated (this might interact badly with other modes)
(if ada-xemacs
(if (featurep 'xemacs)
(ad-activate 'parse-partial-sexp t))
......@@ -2287,7 +2293,7 @@ offset."
;; restore syntax-table
(set-syntax-table previous-syntax-table)
(if ada-xemacs
(if (featurep 'xemacs)
(ad-deactivate 'parse-partial-sexp))
......@@ -3557,7 +3563,7 @@ If NOERROR is non-nil, it only returns nil if no match was found."
;; "begin" we encounter.
(first (not recursive))
(count-generic nil)
(stop-at-when nil)
(stop-at-when nil)
;; Ignore "when" most of the time, except if we are looking at the
......@@ -4005,7 +4011,7 @@ Point is moved at the beginning of the search-re."
;; If inside a string, skip it (and the following comments)
((ada-in-string-p parse-result)
(if ada-xemacs
(if (featurep 'xemacs)
(search-backward "\"" nil t)
(goto-char (nth 8 parse-result)))
(unless backward (forward-sexp 1)))
......@@ -4014,7 +4020,7 @@ Point is moved at the beginning of the search-re."
;; There is a special code for comments at the end of the file
((ada-in-comment-p parse-result)
(if ada-xemacs
(if (featurep 'xemacs)
(forward-line 1)
......@@ -4489,7 +4495,7 @@ Moves to 'begin' if in a declarative part."
(define-key ada-mode-map "\t" 'ada-tab)
(define-key ada-mode-map "\C-c\t" 'ada-justified-indent-current)
(define-key ada-mode-map "\C-c\C-l" 'ada-indent-region)
(if ada-xemacs
(if (featurep 'xemacs)
(define-key ada-mode-map '(shift tab) 'ada-untab)
(define-key ada-mode-map [(shift tab)] 'ada-untab))
(define-key ada-mode-map "\C-c\C-f" 'ada-format-paramlist)
......@@ -4528,7 +4534,7 @@ Moves to 'begin' if in a declarative part."
;; The following keys are bound to functions defined in ada-xref.el or
;; ada-prj,el., However, RMS rightly thinks that the code should be shared,
;; and activated only if the right compiler is used
(if ada-xemacs
(if (featurep 'xemacs)
(define-key ada-mode-map '(shift button3) 'ada-point-and-xref)
(define-key ada-mode-map '(control tab) 'ada-complete-identifier))
......@@ -4661,8 +4667,8 @@ Moves to 'begin' if in a declarative part."
["Previous Package" ada-previous-package t]
["Next Package" ada-next-package t]
["Previous Procedure" ada-previous-procedure t]
["Next Procedure" ada-next-procedure t]
["Goto Start Of Statement" ada-move-to-start t]
["Next Procedure" ada-next-procedure t]
["Goto Start Of Statement" ada-move-to-start t]
["Goto End Of Statement" ada-move-to-end t]
["-" nil nil]
["Other File" ff-find-other-file t]
......@@ -4690,8 +4696,8 @@ Moves to 'begin' if in a declarative part."
["---" nil nil]
["Adjust Case Selection" ada-adjust-case-region t]
["Adjust Case in File" ada-adjust-case-buffer t]
["Create Case Exception" ada-create-case-exception t]
["Create Case Exception Substring"
["Create Case Exception" ada-create-case-exception t]
["Create Case Exception Substring"
ada-create-case-exception-substring t]
["Reload Case Exceptions" ada-case-read-exceptions t]
["----" nil nil]
......@@ -4740,13 +4746,12 @@ Moves to 'begin' if in a declarative part."
["When" ada-when t])
; (autoload 'easy-menu-define "easymenu")
(easy-menu-define ada-mode-menu ada-mode-map "Menu keymap for Ada mode" m)
(easy-menu-add ada-mode-menu ada-mode-map)
(when ada-xemacs
;; This looks bogus to me! -stef
(define-key ada-mode-map [menu-bar] ada-mode-menu)
(set 'mode-popup-menu (cons "Ada mode" ada-mode-menu)))))
(if (featurep 'xemacs)
(define-key ada-mode-map [menu-bar] ada-mode-menu)
(set 'mode-popup-menu (cons "Ada mode" ada-mode-menu))))))
;; -------------------------------------------------------
......@@ -4778,7 +4783,7 @@ Moves to 'begin' if in a declarative part."
;; This advice is not needed anymore with Emacs21. However, for older
;; versions, as well as for XEmacs, we still need to enable it.
(if (or (<= emacs-major-version 20) ada-xemacs)
(if (or (<= emacs-major-version 20) (featurep 'xemacs))
(ad-activate 'comment-region)
(comment-region beg end (- (or arg 2)))
......@@ -4883,7 +4888,7 @@ The paragraph is indented on the first line."
;; In Emacs <= 20.2 and XEmacs <=20.4, there is a bug, and a newline is
;; inserted at the end. Delete it
(if (or ada-xemacs
(if (or (featurep 'xemacs)
(<= emacs-major-version 19)
(and (= emacs-major-version 20)
(<= emacs-minor-version 2)))
......@@ -4962,7 +4967,7 @@ otherwise."
;; If we are using project file, search for the other file in all
;; the possible src directories.
(if (functionp 'ada-find-src-file-in-dir)
(if (fboundp 'ada-find-src-file-in-dir)
(let ((other
(file-name-nondirectory (concat name (car suffixes))))))
......@@ -5101,8 +5106,8 @@ Returns nil if no body was found."
(setq suffixes (cdr suffixes))))
;; If find-file.el was available, use its functions
(if (functionp 'ff-get-file)
(ff-get-file-name ada-search-directories
(if (fboundp 'ff-get-file-name)
(ff-get-file-name ada-search-directories-internal
(file-name-sans-extension spec-name)))
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
;; Copyright (C) 1998, 99, 2000-2003 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Author: Emmanuel Briot <>
;; Ada Core Technologies's version: $Revision: 1.60 $
;; Ada Core Technologies's version: $Revision: 1.61 $
;; Keywords: languages, ada, project file
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
......@@ -38,19 +38,20 @@
;; ----- Requirements -----------------------------------------------------
(require 'ada-mode))
(require 'cus-edit)
(require 'ada-xref)
(require 'ada-mode))
;; ----- Buffer local variables -------------------------------------------
(defvar ada-prj-current-values nil
"Hold the current value of the fields; this is a property list.")
"Hold the current value of the fields, This is a property list.")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'ada-prj-current-values)
(defvar ada-prj-default-values nil
"Hold the default value for the fields; this is a property list.")
"Hold the default value for the fields, This is a property list.")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'ada-prj-default-values)
(defvar ada-prj-ada-buffer nil
......@@ -245,7 +246,7 @@ The current buffer must be the project editing buffer."
;; Widget support in Emacs 21 requires that we clear the buffer first
(if (and (not ada-xemacs) (>= emacs-major-version 21))
(if (and (not (featurep 'xemacs)) (>= emacs-major-version 21))
(setq widget-field-new nil
widget-field-list nil)
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
;; Copyright(C) 1987, 93, 94, 96, 97, 98, 99, 2000
;; Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Ada Core Technologies's version: $Revision: 1.22 $
;; Ada Core Technologies's version: $Revision: 1.23 $
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
......@@ -61,11 +61,9 @@
;;; Code:
(condition-case nil (require 'skeleton)
(error nil)))
(require 'skeleton nil t)
(require 'easymenu)
(require 'ada-mode)
(defun ada-func-or-proc-name ()
;; Get the name of the current function or procedure."
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