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* Known problems with the MS-Windows port of Emacs 21.2.
Frames are not refreshed while the File or Font dialog or a pop-up menu
is displayed. This also means help text for pop-up menu items is not
is displayed. This also means help text for pop-up menus is not
displayed at all. This is because message handling under Windows is
synchronous, so we cannot handle repaint (or any other) messages while
waiting for a system function to return the result of the dialog or
pop-up menu interaction.
Windows 95 and Windows NT up to version 4.0 do not support help text
for menus. Help text is only available in later versions of Windows.
There are problems with display if mouse-tracking is enabled and the
mouse is moved off a frame, over another frame then back over the first
frame. A workaround is to click the left mouse button inside the frame
2002-04-28 Jason Rumney <>
* w32proc.c (syms_of_w32proc): Get true file attributes by default.
* w32.c (stat, fstat): Use file index information to generate
inodes for directories where available.
2002-04-26 Andrew Choi <>
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