Commit 6fc6f94b authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(Fwrite_region): Do unwind the new unwind protect.

(Vwrite_region_annotations_so_far): New variable.
(syms_of_fileio): Set up Lisp var.
(build_annotations): Handle annotate functions that switch buffers.
Set Vwrite_region_annotations_so_far.
(Fwrite_region): Handle change of buffer in build_annotations.
Add an unwind protect to restore original buffer and kill the temp.
parent 29397c58
......@@ -121,6 +121,10 @@ Lisp_Object Vafter_insert_file_functions;
/* Functions to be called to create text property annotations for file. */
Lisp_Object Vwrite_region_annotate_functions;
/* During build_annotations, each time an annotation function is called,
this holds the annotations made by the previous functions. */
Lisp_Object Vwrite_region_annotations_so_far;
/* File name in which we write a list of all our auto save files. */
Lisp_Object Vauto_save_list_file_name;
......@@ -2927,6 +2931,23 @@ and (2) it puts less data in the undo list.")
static Lisp_Object build_annotations ();
/* If build_annotations switched buffers, switch back to BUF.
Kill the temporary buffer that was selected in the meantime. */
static Lisp_Object
build_annotations_unwind (buf)
Lisp_Object buf;
Lisp_Object tembuf;
if (XBUFFER (buf) == current_buffer)
return Qnil;
tembuf = Fcurrent_buffer ();
Fset_buffer (buf);
Fkill_buffer (tembuf);
return Qnil;
DEFUN ("write-region", Fwrite_region, Swrite_region, 3, 5,
"r\nFWrite region to file: ",
"Write current region into specified file.\n\
......@@ -2954,6 +2975,7 @@ to the file, instead of any buffer contents, and END is ignored.")
struct stat st;
int tem;
int count = specpdl_ptr - specpdl;
int count1;
#ifdef VMS
unsigned char *fname = 0; /* If non-0, original filename (must rename) */
#endif /* VMS */
......@@ -2962,6 +2984,7 @@ to the file, instead of any buffer contents, and END is ignored.")
Lisp_Object annotations;
int visiting, quietly;
struct gcpro gcpro1, gcpro2, gcpro3, gcpro4;
struct buffer *given_buffer;
#ifdef MSDOS
int buffer_file_type
= NILP (current_buffer->buffer_file_type) ? O_TEXT : O_BINARY;
......@@ -3013,7 +3036,16 @@ to the file, instead of any buffer contents, and END is ignored.")
XFASTINT (end) = Z;
record_unwind_protect (build_annotations_unwind, Fcurrent_buffer ());
count1 = specpdl_ptr - specpdl;
given_buffer = current_buffer;
annotations = build_annotations (start, end);
if (current_buffer != given_buffer)
start = BEGV;
end = ZV;
if (!auto_saving)
......@@ -3215,8 +3247,10 @@ to the file, instead of any buffer contents, and END is ignored.")
#ifndef FOO
stat (fn, &st);
/* Discard the unwind protect */
specpdl_ptr = specpdl + count;
/* Discard the unwind protect for close_file_unwind. */
specpdl_ptr = specpdl + count1;
/* Restore the original current buffer. */
unbind_to (count);
if (!auto_saving)
......@@ -3260,7 +3294,11 @@ DEFUN ("car-less-than-car", Fcar_less_than_car, Scar_less_than_car, 2, 2, 0,
/* Build the complete list of annotations appropriate for writing out
the text between START and END, by calling all the functions in
write-region-annotate-functions and merging the lists they return. */
write-region-annotate-functions and merging the lists they return.
If one of these functions switches to a different buffer, we assume
that buffer contains altered text. Therefore, the caller must
make sure to restore the current buffer in all cases,
as save-excursion would do. */
static Lisp_Object
build_annotations (start, end)
......@@ -3275,7 +3313,21 @@ build_annotations (start, end)
GCPRO2 (annotations, p);
while (!NILP (p))
struct buffer *given_buffer = current_buffer;
Vwrite_region_annotations_so_far = annotations;
res = call2 (Fcar (p), start, end);
/* If the function makes a different buffer current,
assume that means this buffer contains altered text to be output.
Reset START and END from the buffer bounds
and discard all previous annotations because they should have
been dealt with by this function. */
if (current_buffer != given_buffer)
Lisp_Object tem;
start = BEGV;
end = ZV;
annotations = Qnil;
Flength (res); /* Check basic validity of return value */
annotations = merge (annotations, res, Qcar_less_than_car);
p = Fcdr (p);
......@@ -4074,6 +4126,13 @@ increasing order. If there are several functions in the list, the several\n\
lists are merged destructively.");
Vwrite_region_annotate_functions = Qnil;
DEFVAR_LISP ("write-region-annotations-so-far",
"When an annotation function is called, this holds the previous annotations.\n\
These are the annotations made by other annotation functions\n\
that were already called. See also `write-region-annotate-functions'.");
Vwrite_region_annotations_so_far = Qnil;
DEFVAR_LISP ("inhibit-file-name-handlers", &Vinhibit_file_name_handlers,
"A list of file name handlers that temporarily should not be used.\n\
This applies only to the operation `inhibit-file-name-operation'.");
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