Commit 6fcfb32e authored by Jesper Harder's avatar Jesper Harder
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(Info Search): Add info-apropos.

parent 43ea9947
2004-04-05 Jesper Harder <>
* info.texi (Info Search): Add info-apropos.
2004-04-02 Luc Teirlinck <>
* files.texi (Reverting): Correct description of revert-buffer's
......@@ -1076,6 +1076,12 @@ you type inside Emacs to run the command bound to @kbd{C-f}.
In Emacs, @kbd{i} runs the command @code{Info-index}.
@findex info-apropos
If you don't know what manual documents something, try the @kbd{M-x
info-apropos} command. It prompts for a string and then looks up that
string in all the indices of all the Info documents installed on your
@kindex s @r{(Info mode)}
@findex Info-search
The @kbd{s} command allows you to search a whole file for a string.
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