Commit 701b1ec2 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer

(Fdefconst): Doc fix.

parent e6e9c516
......@@ -623,18 +623,11 @@ If INITVALUE is missing, SYMBOL's value is not set.")
DEFUN ("defconst", Fdefconst, Sdefconst, 2, UNEVALLED, 0,
"(defconst SYMBOL INITVALUE DOCSTRING): define SYMBOL as a constant variable.\n\
The intent is that programs do not change this value, but users may.\n\
The intent is that nether programs nor users should ever change this value.\n\
Always sets the value of SYMBOL to the result of evalling INITVALUE.\n\
If SYMBOL is buffer-local, its default value is what is set;\n\
buffer-local values are not affected.\n\
DOCSTRING is optional.\n\
If DOCSTRING starts with *, this variable is identified as a user option.\n\
This means that M-x set-variable and M-x edit-options recognize it.\n\n\
Note: do not use `defconst' for user options in libraries that are not\n\
normally loaded, since it is useful for users to be able to specify\n\
their own values for such variables before loading the library.\n\
Since `defconst' unconditionally assigns the variable,\n\
it would override the user's choice.")
DOCSTRING is optional.")
Lisp_Object args;
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