Commit 702aecac authored by martin rudalics's avatar martin rudalics Committed by Stephen Berman
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In `window--display-buffer' fix behavior reported in Bug#25946

* lisp/window.el (window--display-buffer): Set the dedicated
status of the window used and clear its history of previous
buffers also for the case that the window already shows the
buffer to be displayed.  (Bug#25946)
parent 0d55c44a
......@@ -6643,11 +6643,11 @@ live."
(display-buffer-record-window type window buffer)
(unless (eq buffer (window-buffer window))
(set-window-dedicated-p window nil)
(set-window-buffer window buffer)
(when dedicated
(set-window-dedicated-p window dedicated))
(when (memq type '(window frame))
(set-window-prev-buffers window nil)))
(set-window-buffer window buffer))
(when dedicated
(set-window-dedicated-p window dedicated))
(when (memq type '(window frame))
(set-window-prev-buffers window nil))
(let ((quit-restore (window-parameter window 'quit-restore))
(height (cdr (assq 'window-height alist)))
(width (cdr (assq 'window-width alist)))
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