Commit 70369cd3 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(rmail-summary-by-topic): Doc fix.

Regexp-quote default argument taken from current subject.
(rmail-new-summary-1): Error if empty summary.  (Bug#2333)
parent 3e3480fb
2009-02-19 Glenn Morris <>
* mail/rmailsum.el (rmail-summary-by-topic): Doc fix.
Regexp-quote default argument taken from current subject.
(rmail-new-summary-1): Error if empty summary. (Bug#2333)
* mail/rmail-spam-filter.el (rmail-get-new-mail-filter-spam):
Move here from rmail.el. Be more careful about error-handling.
Restore the feature of temporarily setting all old messages
undeleted before expunging (removed 2009-02-18).
* mail/rmail.el (rsf-beep, rsf-sleep-after-message, rmail-spam-filter):
Don't declare.
(rmail-get-new-mail-filter-spam): Declare. Move definition to
(rmail-get-new-mail-1): Move the beep and sleep to
2009-02-18 Martin Rudalics <>
* cus-edit.el (custom-group-value-create): Insert some
......@@ -150,12 +150,13 @@ Emacs will list the header line in the RMAIL-summary."
(defun rmail-summary-by-topic (subject &optional whole-message)
"Display a summary of all messages with the given SUBJECT.
Normally checks the Subject field of headers;
but if WHOLE-MESSAGE is non-nil (prefix arg given),
look in the whole message.
Normally checks just the Subject field of headers; but with prefix
argument WHOLE-MESSAGE is non-nil, looks in the whole message.
SUBJECT is a string of regexps separated by commas."
(let* ((subject (rmail-simplified-subject))
;; We quote the default subject, because if it contains regexp
;; special characters (eg "?"), it can fail to match itself. (Bug#2333)
(let* ((subject (regexp-quote (rmail-simplified-subject)))
(prompt (concat "Topics to summarize by (regexp"
(if subject ", default current subject" "")
"): ")))
......@@ -282,18 +283,18 @@ message."
(setq summary-msgs (nreverse summary-msgs)))
(narrow-to-region old-min old-max)))))
;; Temporarily, while summary buffer is unfinished,
;; we "don't have" a summary.
(setq rmail-summary-buffer nil)
(unless summary-msgs
(kill-buffer sumbuf)
(error "Nothing to summarize"))
;; I have not a clue what this clause is doing. If you read this
;; chunk of code and have a clue, then please email that clue to
(setq rmail-summary-buffer nil)
(if rmail-enable-mime
(with-current-buffer rmail-buffer
(setq rmail-summary-buffer nil)))
(let ((rbuf (current-buffer))
(total rmail-total-messages))
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