Commit 704f1663 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris


(gnus-cache-write-active, mm-uu-dissect, idna-to-unicode): Declare as functions.
parent c7e9cfaf
......@@ -2962,6 +2962,9 @@ When FORCE, rebuild the tool bar."
(setq headers (cdr headers)))
(list (nreverse outh))))))))
(declare-function turn-on-gnus-mailing-list-mode "gnus-ml" ())
(defun gnus-summary-mode (&optional group)
......@@ -6951,6 +6954,8 @@ If FORCE (the prefix), also save the .newsrc file(s)."
(declare-function gnus-cache-write-active "gnus-cache" (&optional force))
(defun gnus-summary-exit (&optional temporary leave-hidden)
"Exit reading current newsgroup, and then return to group selection mode.
`gnus-exit-group-hook' is called with no arguments if that value is non-nil."
......@@ -9442,6 +9447,8 @@ prefix specifies how many places to rotate each letter forward."
;; Create buttons and stuff...
(gnus-treat-article nil))
(declare-function idna-to-unicode "ext:idna" (str))
(defun gnus-summary-idna-message (&optional arg)
"Decode IDNA encoded domain names in the current articles.
IDNA encoded domain names looks like `xn--bar'. If a string
......@@ -11797,6 +11804,7 @@ save those articles instead."
(defvar gnus-summary-save-parts-counter)
(declare-function mm-uu-dissect "mm-uu" (&optional noheader mime-type))
(defun gnus-summary-save-parts (type dir n &optional reverse)
"Save parts matching TYPE to DIR.
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