Commit 70697733 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Finsert_file_contents): Don't use the fast replace code

if coding needs eol conversion.
(Finsert_file_contents) [DOS_NT]: When setting buffer_file_type,
if code conversion is needed, file is not binary.
parent ccb77b4e
......@@ -3453,7 +3453,9 @@ This does code conversion according to the value of\n\
But if we discover the need for conversion, we give up on this method
and let the following if-statement handle the replace job. */
if (!NILP (replace)
&& (coding.eol_type == CODING_EOL_UNDECIDED
|| coding.eol_type == CODING_EOL_LF))
/* same_at_start and same_at_end count bytes,
because file access counts bytes
......@@ -3912,11 +3914,12 @@ This does code conversion according to the value of\n\
/* Use the conversion type to determine buffer-file-type
(find-buffer-file-type is now used to help determine the
conversion). */
if (coding.eol_type != CODING_EOL_UNDECIDED
&& coding.eol_type != CODING_EOL_LF)
current_buffer->buffer_file_type = Qnil;
if ((coding.eol_type == CODING_EOL_UNDECIDED
|| coding.eol_type == CODING_EOL_LF)
current_buffer->buffer_file_type = Qt;
current_buffer->buffer_file_type = Qnil;
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