Commit 706da3c2 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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New kmacro.texi file (and associated changes).

parent a0d0adaf
2003-08-18 Kim F. Storm <>
* kmacro.texi: New file describing enhanced keyboard macro
functionality. Replaces old description in custom.texi.
* custom.texi (Customization): Add xref to Keyboard Macros chapter.
(Keyboard Macros): Move to new kmacro.texi file.
* emacs.texi (Keyboard Macros): Reference new keyboard macro topics.
* calc.texi (Queries in Macros): Update xref to keyboard macro query.
2003-08-17 Alex Schroeder <>
* misc.texi (Saving Emacs Sessions): Manual M-x desktop-save not
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