Commit 7076c5cd authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(skeleton-edebug-spec): First cut of an edebug spec.

(define-skeleton): Use it.
parent 69155ecc
......@@ -112,11 +112,16 @@ are integer buffer positions in the reverse order of the insertion order.")
(defvar skeleton-point)
(defvar skeleton-regions)
(def-edebug-spec skeleton-edebug-spec
([&or null stringp (stringp &rest stringp) [[&not atom] def-form]]
&rest &or "n" "_" "-" ">" "@" "&" "!" "resume:"
("quote" def-form) skeleton-edebug-spec def-form))
(defmacro define-skeleton (command documentation &rest skeleton)
"Define a user-configurable COMMAND that enters a statement skeleton.
DOCUMENTATION is that of the command.
SKELETON is as defined under `skeleton-insert'."
(declare (debug (&define name stringp skeleton-edebug-spec)))
(if skeleton-debug
(set command skeleton))
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