Commit 709f1f62 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

*** empty log message ***

parent f8b75ee1
2004-02-12 Kenichi Handa <>
* charsets/.cvsignore: New file.
* charsets/mapconv: Add code for handling KANJI-DATABASE format.
* charsets/Makefile (all): Rename target from charsets. Depend on
2004-02-12 Kenichi Handa <>
* charsets/CNS-[234567].map: Regenerated.
2004-01-28 Kenichi Handa <>
* charsets/ Regenerated.
# Generated from glibc-2.3.2/localedata/charmaps/EUC-TW
# Generated from data at
0x2121 0x4E42
0x2122 0x4E5C
0x2123 0x51F5
......@@ -6248,7 +6248,7 @@
0x6628 0x77F1
0x6629 0x791D
0x662A 0x791B
0x662B 0x7921
0x662B 0x7934
0x662C 0x791C
0x662D 0x7917
0x662E 0x791E
# Generated from glibc-2.3.2/localedata/charmaps/EUC-TW
# Generated from data at
0x2121 0x4E28
0x2122 0x4E36
0x2123 0x4E3F
......@@ -5883,6 +5883,7 @@
0x6165 0x6B1C
0x6166 0x3DA0
0x6167 0x40FB
0x6168 0x7C6F
0x6169 0x7CF3
0x616A 0x4581
0x616B 0x8B9B
......@@ -5943,235 +5944,3 @@
0x6244 0x4A3A
0x6245 0x9750
0x6246 0x4A3B
0x6448 0x4F66
0x6449 0x4F68
0x644A 0x4FE7
0x644B 0x503F
0x644D 0x50A6
0x644E 0x510F
0x644F 0x523E
0x6450 0x5324
0x6451 0x5365
0x6452 0x539B
0x6453 0x517F
0x6454 0x54CB
0x6455 0x5573
0x6456 0x5571
0x6457 0x556B
0x6458 0x55F4
0x6459 0x5622
0x645A 0x5620
0x645B 0x5692
0x645C 0x56BA
0x645D 0x5691
0x645E 0x56B0
0x645F 0x5759
0x6460 0x578A
0x6461 0x580F
0x6462-0x6463 0x5812
0x6464 0x5847
0x6465 0x589B
0x6466 0x5900
0x6467 0x594D
0x6468 0x5AD1
0x6469 0x5AD3
0x646A 0x5B67
0x646B 0x5C57
0x646C 0x5C77
0x646D 0x5CD5
0x646E 0x5D75
0x646F 0x5D8E
0x6470 0x5DA5
0x6471 0x5DB6
0x6472 0x5DBF
0x6473 0x5E65
0x6474 0x5ECD
0x6475 0x5EED
0x6476 0x5F94
0x6477 0x5F9A
0x6478 0x5FBA
0x6479 0x6125
0x647A 0x6150
0x647B 0x62A3
0x647C 0x6360
0x647D 0x6364
0x647E 0x63B6
0x6521 0x6403
0x6522 0x64B6
0x6523 0x651A
0x6524 0x7A25
0x6525 0x5C21
0x6526 0x66E2
0x6527 0x6702
0x6528 0x67A4
0x6529 0x67AC
0x652A 0x6810
0x652B 0x6806
0x652C 0x685E
0x652D 0x685A
0x652E 0x692C
0x652F 0x6929
0x6530 0x6A2D
0x6531 0x6A77
0x6532 0x6A7A
0x6533 0x6ACA
0x6534 0x6AE6
0x6535 0x6AF5
0x6536-0x6537 0x6B0D
0x6538-0x6539 0x6BDC
0x653A 0x6BF6
0x653B 0x6C1E
0x653C 0x6C63
0x653D 0x6DA5
0x653E 0x6E0F
0x653F 0x6E8A
0x6540 0x6E84
0x6541 0x6E8B
0x6542 0x6E7C
0x6543 0x6F4C
0x6544-0x6545 0x6F48
0x6546 0x6F9D
0x6547 0x6F99
0x6548 0x6FF8
0x6549 0x702E
0x654A 0x702D
0x654B 0x705C
0x654C 0x79CC
0x654D 0x70BF
0x654E 0x70EA
0x654F 0x70E5
0x6550-0x6551 0x7111
0x6552 0x713F
0x6553 0x7139
0x6554 0x713B
0x6555 0x713D
0x6556 0x7177
0x6557-0x6558 0x7175
0x6559 0x7171
0x655A 0x7196
0x655B 0x7193
0x655C 0x71B4
0x655D-0x655E 0x71DD
0x655F 0x720E
0x6560 0x5911
0x6561 0x7218
0x6562-0x6563 0x7347
0x6564 0x73EF
0x6565 0x7412
0x6566 0x743B
0x6567 0x74A4
0x6568 0x748D
0x6569 0x74B4
0x656A 0x7673
0x656B 0x7677
0x656C 0x76BC
0x656D 0x7819
0x656E 0x781B
0x656F 0x783D
0x6570-0x6571 0x7853
0x6572 0x7858
0x6573 0x78B7
0x6574 0x78D8
0x6575 0x78EE
0x6576 0x7922
0x6577 0x794D
0x6578 0x7986
0x6579 0x7999
0x657A 0x79A3
0x657B 0x79BC
0x657C 0x7AA7
0x657D 0x7B37
0x657E 0x7B59
0x6621 0x7BD0
0x6622 0x7C2F
0x6623 0x7C32
0x6624 0x7C42
0x6625 0x7C4E
0x6626 0x7C68
0x6627 0x7CA9
0x6628 0x7CED
0x6629 0x7DD0
0x662A 0x7E07
0x662B 0x7DD3
0x662C 0x7E64
0x662D 0x7F40
0x662F 0x8041
0x6630 0x8063
0x6631 0x80BB
0x6632 0x6711
0x6633 0x6725
0x6634 0x8248
0x6635 0x8310
0x6636 0x8362
0x6637 0x8312
0x6638 0x8421
0x6639 0x841E
0x663A 0x84E2
0x663B 0x84DE
0x663C 0x84E1
0x663D 0x8573
0x663E 0x85D4
0x663F 0x85F5
0x6640 0x8637
0x6641 0x8645
0x6642 0x8672
0x6643 0x874A
0x6644 0x87A9
0x6645 0x87A5
0x6646 0x87F5
0x6647 0x8834
0x6648 0x8850
0x6649 0x8887
0x664A 0x8954
0x664B 0x8984
0x664C 0x8B03
0x664D 0x8C52
0x664E 0x8CD8
0x664F 0x8D0C
0x6650 0x8D18
0x6651 0x8DB0
0x6652 0x8EBC
0x6653 0x8ED5
0x6654 0x8FAA
0x6655 0x909C
0x6657 0x915C
0x6658 0x922B
0x6659 0x9221
0x665A 0x9273
0x665B-0x665C 0x92F4
0x665D 0x933F
0x665E 0x9342
0x665F 0x9386
0x6660 0x93BE
0x6661-0x6662 0x93BC
0x6663-0x6664 0x93F1
0x6665 0x93EF
0x6666-0x6668 0x9422
0x6669 0x9467
0x666A 0x9466
0x666B 0x9597
0x666C 0x95CE
0x666D 0x95E7
0x666E 0x973B
0x666F 0x974D
0x6670 0x98E4
0x6671 0x9942
0x6672 0x9B1D
0x6673 0x9B98
0x6675 0x9D49
0x6676 0x6449
0x6677 0x5E71
0x6678 0x5E85
0x6679 0x61D3
0x667A 0x990E
0x667B 0x8002
0x667C 0x781E
0x6721 0x5528
0x6722 0x5572
0x6723 0x55BA
0x6724 0x55F0
0x6725 0x55EE
0x6726-0x6727 0x56B8
0x6728 0x56C4
0x6729 0x8053
0x672A 0x92B0
# Generated from glibc-2.3.2/localedata/charmaps/EUC-TW
# Generated from data at
0x2121 0x20086
0x2122-0x2123 0x4E40
0x2124 0x4E5A
......@@ -150,6 +150,7 @@
0x2258 0x216B0
0x2259 0x36A6
0x225A 0x219C2
0x225B 0x5B90
0x225C 0x5C17
0x225D 0x377C
0x225E 0x21C2A
......@@ -243,6 +244,7 @@
0x235E 0x362B
0x235F 0x3628
0x2360 0x21259
0x2361 0x5759
0x2362 0x593F
0x2363-0x2364 0x215E5
0x2365 0x3692
......@@ -611,6 +613,7 @@
0x2767 0x43D7
0x2768 0x2F981
0x2769 0x80B9
0x276A 0x80BB
0x276B 0x2664D
0x276C 0x81E4
0x276D 0x81FD
......@@ -637,6 +640,7 @@
0x2824 0x275DF
0x2825 0x28469
0x2826 0x8FD0
0x2827 0x488C
0x2828 0x2846C
0x2829 0x48B9
0x282A 0x28693
......@@ -717,6 +721,7 @@
0x287A 0x21C4F
0x287B 0x37C5
0x287C 0x21DD4
0x287D 0x5CD5
0x287E 0x21DB0
0x2921 0x3846
0x2922 0x3841
......@@ -876,6 +881,7 @@
0x2A6B 0x4130
0x2A6C 0x4132
0x2A6D 0x2576C
0x2A6E 0x79CC
0x2A6F 0x412F
0x2A70 0x25767
0x2A71-0x2A72 0x4195
......@@ -1380,6 +1386,7 @@
0x303F 0x9657
0x3040 0x49C9
0x3041 0x96BA
0x3042 0x98E4
0x3043 0x29D4B
0x3044 0x20162
0x3045 0x346E
......@@ -2129,6 +2136,7 @@
0x3859 0x3D14
0x385A 0x3D19
0x385B 0x6E37
0x385C 0x6E7C
0x385D 0x23E4A
0x385E 0x6E7D
0x385F 0x6E86
......@@ -3116,6 +3124,7 @@
0x434B 0x398B
0x434C 0x3986
0x434D 0x3980
0x434E 0x6168
0x434F 0x227A9
0x4350 0x3978
0x4351 0x2F8AB
......@@ -3215,6 +3224,7 @@
0x4455 0x2430D
0x4456 0x3DE3
0x4457 0x7179
0x4458 0x7193
0x4459 0x3DDF
0x445A 0x3DE4
0x445B 0x717A
......@@ -4246,8 +4256,6 @@
0x4F70 0x20FD5
0x4F71 0x5675
0x4F72 0x20FCD
0x4F73 0x20FD2
0x4F74 0x20FFB
0x4F75 0x2122A
0x4F76 0x21488
0x4F77 0x21461
......@@ -5993,6 +6001,7 @@
0x6336 0x21AF7
0x6337 0x21FB0
0x6338 0x21FAE
0x6339 0x5E71
0x633A 0x3868
0x633B 0x3867
0x633C 0x389E
......@@ -6209,6 +6218,7 @@
0x655C 0x29EDF
0x655D 0x9C16
0x655E 0x29E4C
0x655F 0x9BFD
0x6560 0x29E4F
0x6561 0x4CE0
0x6562 0x4CEE
# Generated from glibc-2.3.2/localedata/charmaps/EUC-TW
# Generated from data at
0x2121 0x200D1
0x2122 0x200CB
0x2123 0x200C9
......@@ -220,6 +220,7 @@
0x2347 0x20844
0x2348-0x2349 0x208D6
0x234A 0x20913
0x234B 0x5324
0x234C 0x20970
0x234D 0x20992
0x234E 0x209DB
......@@ -7611,6 +7612,7 @@
0x7569 0x2192B
0x756A 0x2230D
0x756B 0x23036
0x756C 0x29572
0x756D 0x3B2F
0x756E 0x3B2E
0x756F 0x233B1
......@@ -8010,7 +8012,7 @@
0x7A34 0x26267
0x7A35-0x7A36 0x2717A
0x7A37 0x277D1
0x7A38 0x2F9CB
0x7A38 0x4695
0x7A39 0x27B9D
0x7A3A 0x27C9D
0x7A3B 0x281FC
# Generated from glibc-2.3.2/localedata/charmaps/EUC-TW
# Generated from data at
0x2121 0x2F802
0x2122 0x20062
0x2123 0x3405
......@@ -785,6 +785,7 @@
0x297C 0x209E0
0x297D 0x209E2
0x297E 0x209E4
0x2A21 0x5365
0x2A22 0x209E8
0x2A23 0x2F82F
0x2A24 0x20A13
......@@ -5248,6 +5249,7 @@
0x5C2C 0x21A80
0x5C2D 0x21A93
0x5C2E 0x21A82
0x5C2F 0x5900
0x5C30 0x21B3D
0x5C31 0x21B41
0x5C32 0x21BA1
# Generated from glibc-2.3.2/localedata/charmaps/EUC-TW
# Generated from data at
0x2121 0x20055
0x2122 0x20182
0x2123 0x20189
......@@ -1005,6 +1005,7 @@
0x2C37 0x2A4D3
0x2C38 0x2A4D2
0x2C39 0x2A538
0x2C3A 0x2EF1
0x2C3B 0x24CCF
0x2C3C 0x2011D
0x2C3D 0x20192
......@@ -2929,6 +2930,7 @@
0x4156 0x26155
0x4157 0x26150
0x4158 0x2616C
0x4159 0x7E64
0x415A 0x2616A
0x415B 0x26153
0x415C 0x26168
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