Commit 70a6526c authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(lao-composition-function): Fix previous change.

parent 77fa4db2
......@@ -491,17 +491,17 @@ syllable. In that case, FROM and TO are indexes to STR."
(defun lao-composition-function (from to font-object string)
(if (= (lgstirng-char-len gstring) 1)
(defun lao-composition-function (gstring)
(if (= (lgstring-char-len gstring) 1)
(compose-gstring-for-graphic gstring)
(or (font-shape-text from to font-object string))
(or (font-shape-gstring gstring)
(let ((glyph-len (lgstring-glyph-len gstring))
(i 0)
(while (and (< i glyph-len)
(setq glyph (lgstring-glyph gstring i)))
(setq i (1+ i)))
(compose-glyph-string-relative gstring 0 i 0.1))))
(compose-glyph-string-relative gstring 0 i 0.1)))))
(defun lao-compose-region (from to)
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