Commit 70d68a9d authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Document renaming of x-select-enable-* variables

* doc/emacs/killing.texi (Clipboard): Rename
x-select-enable-clipboard to select-enable-clipboard and
x-select-enable-primary to select-enable-primary.  Update index

* etc/NEWS: Mark entry as documented.
parent 63f7e4b4
......@@ -504,9 +504,9 @@ does not alter the clipboard. However, if you change
@code{yank-pop-change-selection} to @code{t}, then @kbd{M-y} saves the
new yank to the clipboard.
@vindex x-select-enable-clipboard
@vindex select-enable-clipboard
To prevent kill and yank commands from accessing the clipboard,
change the variable @code{x-select-enable-clipboard} to @code{nil}.
change the variable @code{select-enable-clipboard} to @code{nil}.
@cindex clipboard manager
@vindex x-select-enable-clipboard-manager
......@@ -519,14 +519,14 @@ when exiting Emacs; if you wish to prevent Emacs from transferring
data to the clipboard manager, change the variable
@code{x-select-enable-clipboard-manager} to @code{nil}.
@vindex x-select-enable-primary
@vindex select-enable-primary
@findex clipboard-kill-region
@findex clipboard-kill-ring-save
@findex clipboard-yank
Prior to Emacs 24, the kill and yank commands used the primary
selection (@pxref{Primary Selection}), not the clipboard. If you
prefer this behavior, change @code{x-select-enable-clipboard} to
@code{nil}, @code{x-select-enable-primary} to @code{t}, and
prefer this behavior, change @code{select-enable-clipboard} to
@code{nil}, @code{select-enable-primary} to @code{t}, and
@code{mouse-drag-copy-region} to @code{t}. In this case, you can use
the following commands to act explicitly on the clipboard:
@code{clipboard-kill-region} kills the region and saves it to the
......@@ -148,8 +148,9 @@ the `network-security-level' variable.
** C-h l now also lists the commands that were run.
** x-select-enable-clipboard is renamed select-enable-clipboard.
x-select-enable-primary and renamed select-enable-primary.
** x-select-enable-clipboard is renamed select-enable-clipboard
and x-select-enable-primary is renamed select-enable-primary.
Additionally they both now apply to all systems (OSX, GNUstep, Windows, you
name it), with the proviso that on some systems (e.g. Windows)
select-enable-primary is ineffective since the system doesn't
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