Commit 70d7aa8a authored by Oscar Fuentes's avatar Oscar Fuentes
Browse files [mingw]: Set $canonical default value

... as per the compiler's target.

The value provided by MSYS2 `uname' is not correct when MSYS2 runs on
one architecture (x86_64) and the user is building for another (i686).

	* [mingw]: Set $canonical default value as per the
	compiler's target.
parent 27f46ae3
2014-11-25 Oscar Fuentes <>
* [MINGW]: Set $canonical default value as per the
compiler's target.
2014-11-24 Glenn Morris <>
* [HAVE_W32]: Generate nt/*.rc files when HAVE_W32,
......@@ -145,6 +145,34 @@ case $canonical in
. $srcdir/nt/
# When we build with MinGW under MSYS, we are cross-compiling. Hence
# we can't rely on the output of MSYS `uname' for the architecture
# (32 bit MinGW compiler with 64 bit MSYS2, for instance) and must
# use the compiler's target, unless when the user explicitly
# provides one:
if test -z $target_alias; then
AC_MSG_CHECKING([the compiler's target])
if test -z $CC; then
t=`$cc -v 2>&1 | sed -n 's/Target: //p'`
case "$t" in
*-*) canonical=$t
"") AC_MSG_ERROR([Impossible to obtain $cc compiler target.
Please explicitly provide --target])
*) AC_MSG_WARN([Compiler reported non-standard target.
Defaulting to $canonical.])
case $srcdir in
/* | ?:*)
# srcdir is an absolute path. In this case, force the format
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