Commit 70fc32f6 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* src/data.c (Ffset, defalias): Complete last change

Somehow part of the autoload history handling was left behind in `Ffset`
when the rest was moved to `defalias`.  Finish the job.

* src/data.c (Ffset): Don't set the `autoload` property here...
(defalias): ... set it here instead.
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......@@ -846,9 +846,6 @@ DEFUN ("fset", Ffset, Sfset, 2, 2, 0,
function = XSYMBOL (symbol)->u.s.function;
if (AUTOLOADP (function))
Fput (symbol, Qautoload, XCDR (function));
eassert (valid_lisp_object_p (definition));
......@@ -880,6 +877,9 @@ defalias (Lisp_Object symbol, Lisp_Object definition)
if (!NILP (Vautoload_queue) && !NILP (function))
Vautoload_queue = Fcons (Fcons (symbol, function), Vautoload_queue);
if (AUTOLOADP (function))
Fput (symbol, Qautoload, XCDR (function));
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