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* lisp/select.el: Add commentary discussion.

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......@@ -24,6 +24,31 @@
;; Based partially on earlier release by Lucid.
;; The functionality here is pretty messy, because there are different
;; functions that claim to get or set the "selection", with no clear
;; distinction between them. Here's my best understanding of it:
;; - gui-select-text and gui-selection-value go together to access the general
;; notion of "GUI selection" for interoperation with other applications.
;; This can use either the clipboard or the primary selection, or both or
;; none according to gui-select-enable-clipboard and x-select-enable-primary.
;; These are the default values of interprogram-cut/paste-function.
;; - gui-get-primary-selection is used to get the PRIMARY selection,
;; specifically for mouse-yank-primary.
;; - gui-get-selection and gui-set-selection are lower-level functions meant to
;; access various kinds of selections (CLIPBOARD, PRIMARY, SECONDARY).
;; Currently gui-select-text and gui-selection-value provide gui-methods so the
;; actual backend can do it whichever way it wants. This means for example
;; that gui-select-enable-clipboard is defined here but implemented in each and
;; every backend.
;; Maybe a better structure would be to make gui-select-text and
;; gui-selection-value have no associated gui-method, and implement
;; gui-select-enable-clipboard (and x-select-enable-clipboard) themselves.
;; This would instead rely on gui-get/set-selection being implemented well
;; (e.g. currently w32's implementation thereof sucks, for example,
;; since it doesn't access the system's clipboard when setting/getting the
;; CLIPBOARD selection).
;;; Code:
(defcustom selection-coding-system nil
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