Commit 7136e672 authored by Reuben Thomas's avatar Reuben Thomas
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Add Enchant support to ispell.el (Bug#17742)

* lisp/textmodes/ispell.el (ispell-program-name): Add “enchant”.
(ispell-really-enchant): Add variable.
(ispell-check-version): If using Enchant, check it’s new enough (at
least 1.6.1).  (Like the ispell check, this is absolute: cannot work
(ispell-enchant-dictionary-alist): Add variable.
(ispell-find-enchant-dictionaries): Add function, based on
(ispell-set-spellchecker-params): Allow dictionary auto-detection for
Enchant, and call ispell-find-enchant-dictionaries to find them.  Use
old ispell name to locale mapping code for Enchant too.
(ispell-send-replacement): Make it work with Enchant.
parent 85512e75
......@@ -208,6 +208,10 @@ Must be greater than 1."
:type 'integer
:group 'ispell)
;; XXX Add enchant to this list once enchant >= 1.6.1 is widespread.
;; Before that, adding it is useless, as if it is found, it will just
;; cause an error; and one of the other spelling engines below is
;; almost certainly installed in any case, for enchant to use.
(defcustom ispell-program-name
(or (executable-find "aspell")
(executable-find "ispell")
......@@ -605,6 +609,8 @@ english.aff). Aspell and Hunspell don't have this limitation.")
"Non-nil if we can use Aspell extensions.")
(defvar ispell-really-hunspell nil
"Non-nil if we can use Hunspell extensions.")
(defvar ispell-really-enchant nil
"Non-nil if we can use Enchant extensions.")
(defvar ispell-encoding8-command nil
"Command line option prefix to select encoding if supported, nil otherwise.
If setting the encoding is supported by spellchecker and is selectable from
......@@ -739,17 +745,26 @@ Otherwise returns the library directory name, if that is defined."
(and (search-forward-regexp
"(but really Hunspell \\([0-9]+\\.[0-9\\.-]+\\)?)"
nil t)
(match-string 1)))
(setq ispell-really-enchant
(and (search-forward-regexp
"(but really Enchant \\([0-9]+\\.[0-9\\.-]+\\)?)"
nil t)
(match-string 1)))))
(let* ((aspell8-minver "0.60")
(ispell-minver "3.1.12")
(hunspell8-minver "1.1.6")
(enchant-minver "1.6.1")
(minver (cond
((not (version<= ispell-minver ispell-program-version))
((and ispell-really-aspell
(not (version<= aspell8-minver ispell-really-aspell)))
((and ispell-really-enchant
(not (version<= enchant-minver ispell-really-enchant)))
(if minver
(error "%s release %s or greater is required"
......@@ -1183,6 +1198,36 @@ dictionary from that list was found."
(list dict))
ispell-hunspell-dictionary-alist :test #'equal))))
;; Make ispell.el work better with enchant.
(defvar ispell-enchant-dictionary-alist nil
"An alist of parsed Enchant dicts and associated parameters.
Internal use.")
(defun ispell-find-enchant-dictionaries ()
"Find Enchant's dictionaries, and record in `ispell-enchant-dictionary-alist'."
(let* ((dictionaries
(concat ispell-program-name "-lsmod") nil t nil "-list-dicts")
" ([^)]+)\n"))
(mapcar #'(lambda (lang)
`(,lang "[[:alpha:]]" "[^[:alpha:]]" "['.’-]" t nil nil utf-8))
;; Merge into FOUND any elements from the standard ispell-dictionary-base-alist
;; which have no element in FOUND at all.
(dolist (dict ispell-dictionary-base-alist)
(unless (assoc (car dict) found)
(setq found (nconc found (list dict)))))
(setq ispell-enchant-dictionary-alist found)
;; Add a default entry
(let ((default-dict
'(nil "[[:alpha:]]" "[^[:alpha:]]" "['.’-]" t nil nil utf-8)))
(push default-dict ispell-enchant-dictionary-alist))))
;; Set params according to the selected spellchecker
(defvar ispell-last-program-name nil
......@@ -1208,7 +1253,7 @@ aspell is used along with Emacs).")
(setq ispell-library-directory (ispell-check-version))
(error nil))
(or ispell-encoding8-command ispell-really-enchant))
;; auto-detection will only be used if spellchecker is not
;; ispell and supports a way to set communication to UTF-8.
(if ispell-really-aspell
......@@ -1216,11 +1261,14 @@ aspell is used along with Emacs).")
(if ispell-really-hunspell
(or ispell-hunspell-dictionary-alist
(if ispell-really-enchant
(or ispell-enchant-dictionary-alist
;; Substitute ispell-dictionary-alist with the list of
;; dictionaries corresponding to the given spellchecker.
;; If a recent aspell or hunspell, use the list of really
;; With programs that support it, use the list of really
;; installed dictionaries and add to it elements of the original
;; list that are not present there. Allow distro info.
(let ((found-dicts-alist
......@@ -1229,17 +1277,19 @@ aspell is used along with Emacs).")
(if ispell-really-hunspell
(if ispell-really-enchant
(ispell-dictionary-base-alist ispell-dictionary-base-alist)
ispell-base-dicts-override-alist ; Override only base-dicts-alist
;; While ispell and aspell (through aliases) use the traditional
;; dict naming originally expected by ispell.el, hunspell
;; uses locale based names with no alias. We need to map
;; dict naming originally expected by ispell.el, hunspell & Enchant
;; use locale-based names with no alias. We need to map
;; standard names to locale based names to make default dict
;; definitions available for hunspell.
(if ispell-really-hunspell
;; definitions available to these programs.
(if (or ispell-really-hunspell ispell-really-enchant)
(let (tmp-dicts-alist)
(dolist (adict ispell-dictionary-base-alist)
(let* ((dict-name (nth 0 adict))
......@@ -1264,7 +1314,7 @@ aspell is used along with Emacs).")
(setq ispell-args
(nconc ispell-args (list "-d" dict-equiv)))
"ispell-set-spellchecker-params: Missing Hunspell equiv for \"%s\". Skipping."
"ispell-set-spellchecker-params: Missing equivalent for \"%s\". Skipping."
(setq skip-dict t)))
......@@ -1306,7 +1356,7 @@ aspell is used along with Emacs).")
(nth 4 adict) ; many-otherchars-p
(nth 5 adict) ; ispell-args
(nth 6 adict) ; extended-character-mode
(if ispell-encoding8-command
(if (or ispell-encoding8-command ispell-really-enchant)
(nth 7 adict)))
......@@ -1742,9 +1792,10 @@ and pass it the output of the last Ispell invocation."
(defun ispell-send-replacement (misspelled replacement)
"Notify Aspell that MISSPELLED should be spelled REPLACEMENT.
This allows improving the suggestion list based on actual misspellings."
(and ispell-really-aspell
"Notify spell checker that MISSPELLED should be spelled REPLACEMENT.
This allows improving the suggestion list based on actual misspellings.
Only works for Aspell and Enchant."
(and (or ispell-really-aspell ispell-really-enchant)
(ispell-send-string (concat "$$ra " misspelled "," replacement "\n"))))
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