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......@@ -13,6 +13,19 @@ A "license notice" is a statement of permissions, and is usually much
longer, eg the text "GNU Emacs is free software...".
Summary for the impatient:
1. Don't add a file to Emacs written by someone other than yourself
without thinking about the legal aspect (make sure they have an
assignment, adjust the copyright statements in the file).
2. With images, add the legal info to a README file in the directory
containing the image.
3. If you add a lot of text to a previously trivial file that had no
legal notices, consider if you should add a copyright statement.
Every non-trivial file distributed through the Emacs CVS should be
self-explanatory in terms of copyright and license. This includes
files that are not distributed in Emacs releases (for example, the
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