Commit 7147c4a4 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* keyboard.c (modify_event_symbol): Don't limit alist len to UINT_MAX.

parent 193e32d9
2011-06-13 Paul Eggert <>
* keyboard.c (modify_event_symbol): Don't limit alist len to UINT_MAX.
* lisp.h (CHAR_TABLE_SET): Omit now-redundant test.
* lread.c (Fload): Don't compare a possibly-garbage time_t value.
......@@ -448,7 +448,7 @@ static Lisp_Object make_lispy_movement (struct frame *, Lisp_Object,
static Lisp_Object modify_event_symbol (EMACS_INT, unsigned, Lisp_Object,
Lisp_Object, const char *const *,
Lisp_Object *, unsigned);
Lisp_Object *, EMACS_INT);
static Lisp_Object make_lispy_switch_frame (Lisp_Object);
static int help_char_p (Lisp_Object);
static void save_getcjmp (jmp_buf);
......@@ -5391,7 +5391,7 @@ make_lispy_event (struct input_event *event)
KVAR (current_kboard, Vsystem_key_alist),
0, &KVAR (current_kboard, system_key_syms),
(unsigned) -1);
return modify_event_symbol (event->code - FUNCTION_KEY_OFFSET,
......@@ -6410,7 +6410,7 @@ reorder_modifiers (Lisp_Object symbol)
static Lisp_Object
modify_event_symbol (EMACS_INT symbol_num, unsigned int modifiers, Lisp_Object symbol_kind,
Lisp_Object name_alist_or_stem, const char *const *name_table,
Lisp_Object *symbol_table, unsigned int table_size)
Lisp_Object *symbol_table, EMACS_INT table_size)
Lisp_Object value;
Lisp_Object symbol_int;
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