Commit 714bced9 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(record_marker_adjustment): New function.

(Fprimitive_undo): Handle marker-adjustment elements.
parent 8948d317
......@@ -128,6 +128,31 @@ record_delete (beg, length)
/* Record the fact that MARKER is about to be adjusted by ADJUSTMENT.
This is done only when a marker points within text being deleted,
because that's the only case where an automatic marker adjustment
won't be inverted automatically by undoing the buffer modification. */
record_marker_adjustment (marker, adjustment)
Lisp_Object marker;
int adjustment;
if (EQ (current_buffer->undo_list, Qt))
/* Allocate a cons cell to be the undo boundary after this command. */
if (NILP (pending_boundary))
pending_boundary = Fcons (Qnil, Qnil);
if (current_buffer != XBUFFER (last_undo_buffer))
Fundo_boundary ();
XSETBUFFER (last_undo_buffer, current_buffer);
= Fcons (Fcons (marker, make_number (adjustment)),
/* Record that a replacement is about to take place,
for LENGTH characters at location BEG.
The replacement does not change the number of characters. */
......@@ -463,6 +488,15 @@ Return what remains of the list.")
SET_PT (pos);
else if (MARKERP (car) && INTEGERP (cdr))
/* (MARKER . INTEGER) means a marker MARKER
was adjusted by INTEGER. */
if (XMARKER (car)->buffer)
Fset_marker (car,
make_number (marker_position (car) - XINT (cdr)),
Fmarker_buffer (car));
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