Commit 715dd516 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(w3m-toggle-inline-image, htmlr-reset)

(htmlr-step): Declare as functions.
parent fedf6211
......@@ -2600,6 +2600,9 @@ If URL is nil it is searched at point."
(add-to-list 'newsticker-url-list (list name url nil nil nil) t)
(customize-variable 'newsticker-url-list))
;; External.
(declare-function w3m-toggle-inline-image "ext:w3m" (&optional force no-cache))
(defun newsticker-w3m-show-inline-images ()
"Show inline images in visible text ranges.
In-line images in invisible text ranges are hidden. This function
......@@ -4843,6 +4846,11 @@ The face is chosen according the values of NT-FACE and AGE."
;; ======================================================================
;;; HTML rendering
;; ======================================================================
;; External.
(declare-function htmlr-reset "ext:htmlr" ())
(declare-function htmlr-step "ext:htmlr" ())
(defun newsticker-htmlr-render (pos1 pos2) ;
"Replacement for `htmlr-render'.
Renders the HTML code in the region POS1 to POS2 using htmlr."
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