Commit 716ff1c9 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(frame-name-alist): Remove this variable.

(select-frame-by-name): Recompute the list of frames instead of
saving it in a global variable.
parent bdd40dd2
......@@ -541,24 +541,20 @@ A negative ARG moves in the opposite order."
(defvar frame-name-history nil)
(defvar frame-names-alist nil)
(defun select-frame-by-name (name)
"Select the frame whose name is NAME and raise it.
If there is no frame by that name, signal an error."
(let (input default)
(setq frame-names-alist (make-frame-names-alist))
(setq default (car (car frame-names-alist)))
(setq input
(format "Select Frame (default %s): " default)
frame-names-alist nil t nil 'frame-name-history))
(let* ((frame-names-alist (make-frame-names-alist))
(default (car (car frame-names-alist)))
(input (completing-read
(format "Select Frame (default %s): " default)
frame-names-alist nil t nil 'frame-name-history)))
(if (= (length input) 0)
(list default)
(list input))))
(or (interactive-p)
(setq frame-names-alist (make-frame-names-alist)))
(let ((frame (cdr (assoc name frame-names-alist))))
(let* ((frame-names-alist (make-frame-names-alist))
(frame (cdr (assoc name frame-names-alist))))
(or frame
(error "There is no frame named `%s'" name))
(make-frame-visible frame)
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