Commit 7175496d authored by David Pathakjee's avatar David Pathakjee Committed by Eli Zaretskii
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Fix doc string of 'enable-recursive-minibuffers'

* src/minibuf.c (syms_of_minibuf) <enable-recursive-minibuffers>:
Doc fix.  (Bug#29873)

Copyright-paperwork-exempt: yes
parent 5b384064
......@@ -2022,7 +2022,7 @@ controls the behavior, rather than this variable. */);
DEFVAR_BOOL ("enable-recursive-minibuffers", enable_recursive_minibuffers,
doc: /* Non-nil means to allow minibuffer commands while in the minibuffer.
This variable makes a difference whenever the minibuffer window is active.
Also see `minibuffer-depth-indicator-mode', which may be handy if this
Also see `minibuffer-depth-indicate-mode', which may be handy if this
variable is non-nil. */);
enable_recursive_minibuffers = 0;
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