Commit 717ac6cc authored by Zach Shaftel's avatar Zach Shaftel Committed by rocky

Only print offset for byte-code functions

* lisp/emacs-lisp/backtrace.el (backtrace--print-flags): Check if the
function is compiled and only print the offset in that case.
parent 0cb1df1e
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......@@ -749,11 +749,13 @@ property for use by navigation."
(source (plist-get (backtrace-frame-flags frame) :source-available))
(offset (plist-get (backtrace-frame-flags frame) :bytecode-offset))
;; right justify and pad the offset (or the empty string)
(offset-format (format "%%%ds " (- backtrace--flags-width 3))))
(offset-format (format "%%%ds " (- backtrace--flags-width 3)))
(fun (ignore-errors (indirect-function (backtrace-frame-fun frame)))))
(when (plist-get view :show-flags)
(insert (if source ">" " "))
(insert (if flag "*" " "))
(insert (format offset-format (or offset ""))))
(insert (format offset-format
(or (and (byte-code-function-p fun) offset) ""))))
(put-text-property beg (point) 'backtrace-section 'func)))
(defun backtrace--print-func-and-args (frame _view)
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