Commit 71cf5fa0 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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......@@ -2711,6 +2711,17 @@ make_event_array (nargs, args)
/* Conservative C stack marking requires a method to identify possibly
live Lisp objects given a pointer value. We do this by keeping
track of blocks of Lisp data that are allocated in a red-black tree
(see also the comment of mem_node which is the type of nodes in
that tree). Function lisp_malloc adds information for an allocated
block to the red-black tree with calls to mem_insert, and function
lisp_free removes it with mem_delete. Functions live_string_p etc
call mem_find to lookup information about a given pointer in the
tree, and use that to determine if the pointer points to a Lisp
object or not. */
/* Initialize this part of alloc.c. */
static void
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