Commit 722401eb authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(calc-init-extensions): Remove old code.

(math-expr-data, math-mt-many, math-mt-func, calc-z-prefix-buf)
(calc-z-prefix-msgs):  New variables.

(calc-z-prefix-help, calc-user-function-list):  Use declared variables
calc-z-prefix-buf, calc-z-prefix-msgs.

(math-normalize-nonstandard):  Use declared variable math-normalize-a.

(math-map-tree, math-map-tree-rec):  Use declared variables
math-mt-many, math-mt-func.

(math-read-expression, math-read-string):  Use declared variable math-expr-data.
parent 3e58bf8b
......@@ -663,16 +663,6 @@
(define-key calc-alg-map "\e\C-m" 'calc-last-args-stub)
(define-key calc-alg-map "\e\177" 'calc-pop-above)
;; The following is a relic for backward compatability only.
;; The calc-define property list is now the recommended method.
(if (and (boundp 'calc-ext-defs)
(message "Evaluating calc-ext-defs...")
(eval (cons 'progn calc-ext-defs))
(setq calc-ext-defs nil)))
;;;; (Autoloads here)
(mapcar (function (lambda (x)
(mapcar (function (lambda (func)
......@@ -1770,10 +1760,13 @@ calc-kill calc-kill-region calc-yank))))
(cdr res)
(defvar calc-z-prefix-buf nil)
(defvar calc-z-prefix-msgs nil)
(defun calc-z-prefix-help ()
(let* ((msgs nil)
(buf "")
(let* ((calc-z-prefix-msgs nil)
(calc-z-prefix-buf "")
(kmap (sort (copy-sequence (calc-user-key-map))
(function (lambda (x y) (< (car x) (car y))))))
(flags (apply 'logior
......@@ -1784,12 +1777,12 @@ calc-kill calc-kill-region calc-yank))))
(if (= (logand flags 8) 0)
(calc-user-function-list kmap 7)
(calc-user-function-list kmap 1)
(setq msgs (cons buf msgs)
buf "")
(setq calc-z-prefix-msgs (cons calc-z-prefix-buf calc-z-prefix-msgs)
calc-z-prefix-buf "")
(calc-user-function-list kmap 6))
(if (/= flags 0)
(setq msgs (cons buf msgs)))
(calc-do-prefix-help (nreverse msgs) "user" ?z)))
(setq calc-z-prefix-msgs (cons calc-z-prefix-buf calc-z-prefix-msgs)))
(calc-do-prefix-help (nreverse calc-z-prefix-msgs) "user" ?z)))
(defun calc-user-function-classify (key)
(cond ((/= key (downcase key)) ; upper-case
......@@ -1823,14 +1816,15 @@ calc-kill calc-kill-region calc-yank))))
(upcase key)
(downcase name))))
(char-to-string (upcase key)))))
(if (= (length buf) 0)
(setq buf (concat (if (= flags 1) "SHIFT + " "")
(if (= (length calc-z-prefix-buf) 0)
(setq calc-z-prefix-buf (concat (if (= flags 1) "SHIFT + " "")
(if (> (+ (length buf) (length desc)) 58)
(setq msgs (cons buf msgs)
buf (concat (if (= flags 1) "SHIFT + " "")
(if (> (+ (length calc-z-prefix-buf) (length desc)) 58)
(setq calc-z-prefix-msgs
(cons calc-z-prefix-buf calc-z-prefix-msgs)
calc-z-prefix-buf (concat (if (= flags 1) "SHIFT + " "")
(setq buf (concat buf ", " desc))))))
(setq calc-z-prefix-buf (concat calc-z-prefix-buf ", " desc))))))
(calc-user-function-list (cdr map) flags))))
......@@ -2224,25 +2218,25 @@ calc-kill calc-kill-region calc-yank))))
(math-normalize (car a))
(error "Can't use multi-valued function in an expression")))))
(defun math-normalize-nonstandard () ; uses "a"
(defun math-normalize-nonstandard ()
(if (consp calc-simplify-mode)
(setq calc-simplify-mode 'none
math-simplify-only (car-safe (cdr-safe a)))
math-simplify-only (car-safe (cdr-safe math-normalize-a)))
(and (symbolp (car a))
(and (symbolp (car math-normalize-a))
(or (eq calc-simplify-mode 'none)
(and (eq calc-simplify-mode 'num)
(let ((aptr (setq a (cons
(car a)
(mapcar 'math-normalize (cdr a))))))
(let ((aptr (setq math-normalize-a
(car math-normalize-a)
(mapcar 'math-normalize
(cdr math-normalize-a))))))
(while (and aptr (math-constp (car aptr)))
(setq aptr (cdr aptr)))
(cons (car a) (mapcar 'math-normalize (cdr a))))))
(cons (car math-normalize-a)
(mapcar 'math-normalize (cdr math-normalize-a))))))
;;; Normalize a bignum digit list by trimming high-end zeros. [L l]
......@@ -2620,22 +2614,27 @@ calc-kill calc-kill-region calc-yank))))
(defvar var-FactorRules 'calc-FactorRules)
(defun math-map-tree (mmt-func mmt-expr &optional mmt-many)
(or mmt-many (setq mmt-many 1000000))
(defvar math-mt-many nil)
(defvar math-mt-func nil)
(defun math-map-tree (math-mt-func mmt-expr &optional math-mt-many)
(or math-mt-many (setq math-mt-many 1000000))
(math-map-tree-rec mmt-expr))
(defun math-map-tree-rec (mmt-expr)
(or (= mmt-many 0)
(or (= math-mt-many 0)
(let ((mmt-done nil)
(while (not mmt-done)
(while (and (/= mmt-many 0)
(setq mmt-nextval (funcall mmt-func mmt-expr))
(while (and (/= math-mt-many 0)
(setq mmt-nextval (funcall math-mt-func mmt-expr))
(not (equal mmt-expr mmt-nextval)))
(setq mmt-expr mmt-nextval
mmt-many (if (> mmt-many 0) (1- mmt-many) (1+ mmt-many))))
math-mt-many (if (> math-mt-many 0)
(1- math-mt-many)
(1+ math-mt-many))))
(if (or (Math-primp mmt-expr)
(<= mmt-many 0))
(<= math-mt-many 0))
(setq mmt-done t)
(setq mmt-nextval (cons (car mmt-expr)
(mapcar 'math-map-tree-rec
......@@ -2886,11 +2885,13 @@ calc-kill calc-kill-region calc-yank))))
;;; Expression parsing.
(defvar math-expr-data)
(defun math-read-expr (exp-str)
(let ((exp-pos 0)
(exp-old-pos 0)
(exp-keep-spaces nil)
exp-token exp-data)
exp-token math-expr-data)
(while (setq exp-token (string-match "\\.\\.\\([^.]\\|.[^.]\\)" exp-str))
(setq exp-str (concat (substring exp-str 0 exp-token) "\\dots"
(substring exp-str (+ exp-token 2)))))
......@@ -2914,8 +2915,8 @@ calc-kill calc-kill-region calc-yank))))
(defun math-read-string ()
(let ((str (read-from-string (concat exp-data "\""))))
(or (and (= (cdr str) (1+ (length exp-data)))
(let ((str (read-from-string (concat math-expr-data "\""))))
(or (and (= (cdr str) (1+ (length math-expr-data)))
(stringp (car str)))
(throw 'syntax "Error in string constant"))
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