Commit 7225c832 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Replace obsolete function lisp-complete-symbol

* lisp/cedet/semantic/grammar.el (semantic-grammar-complete):
Replace the obsolete function lisp-complete-symbol.
parent e677c726
2013-06-01 Glenn Morris <>
* semantic/grammar.el (semantic-grammar-complete):
Replace the obsolete function lisp-complete-symbol.
* semantic/analyze/fcn.el (semantic-tag-similar-p): Autoload.
* srecode/args.el, srecode/java.el: Require ede.
......@@ -1484,7 +1484,10 @@ expression then Lisp symbols are completed."
(if (semantic-grammar-in-lisp-p)
;; We are in lisp code. Do lisp completion.
(let ((completion-at-point-functions
(append '(lisp-completion-at-point)
;; We are not in lisp code. Do rule completion.
(let* ((nonterms (semantic-find-tags-by-class 'nonterminal (current-buffer)))
(sym (car (semantic-ctxt-current-symbol)))
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