Commit 722c985b authored by Fabián Ezequiel Gallina's avatar Fabián Ezequiel Gallina Committed by Fabián Ezequiel Gallina
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Added compatibility with lastest CEDET.

Obsolete variables definitions:
  + python-buffer => python-shell-internal-buffer

Obsolete functions definitions:
  + python-proc => python-shell-internal-get-or-create-process
  + python-send-string => python-shell-internal-send-string
parent 338a21d0
......@@ -1426,13 +1426,26 @@ of commands.)"
(defvar python-shell-internal-buffer nil
"Current internal shell buffer for the current buffer.
This is really not necessary at all for the code to work but it's
there for compatibility with CEDET.")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'python-shell-internal-buffer)
(defun python-shell-internal-get-or-create-process ()
"Get or create an inferior Internal Python process."
(let* ((proc-name (python-shell-internal-get-process-name))
(proc-buffer-name (format "*%s*" proc-name)))
(setq python-shell-internal-buffer proc-buffer-name)
(get-buffer-process proc-buffer-name)))
'python-proc 'python-shell-internal-get-or-create-process "23.3")
'python-buffer 'python-shell-internal-buffer "23.3")
(defun python-shell-send-string (string &optional process msg)
"Send STRING to inferior Python PROCESS.
When MSG is non-nil messages the first line of STRING."
......@@ -1486,10 +1499,10 @@ Returns the output. See `python-shell-send-string-no-output'."
(python-shell-internal-get-or-create-process) nil))
'python-send-receive 'python-shell-internal-send-string "23.3"
"Send STRING to inferior Python (if any) and return result.
The result is what follows `_emacs_out' in the output.
This is a no-op if `python-check-comint-prompt' returns nil.")
'python-send-receive 'python-shell-internal-send-string "23.3")
'python-send-string 'python-shell-internal-send-string "23.3")
(defun python-shell-send-region (start end)
"Send the region delimited by START and END to inferior Python process."
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