Commit 723dd50a authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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Improve documentation of query-replace-from-to-separator

* doc/emacs/search.texi (Query Replace): Document the meaning of
the nil value of query-replace-from-to-separator.  (Bug#25482)
parent b5ab3a52
......@@ -1527,7 +1527,9 @@ replacements in the form @samp{@var{from} -> @var{to}}, where
@var{from} is the search pattern, @var{to} is its replacement, and the
separator between them is determined by the value of the variable
@code{query-replace-from-to-separator}. Type @key{RET} to select the
desired replacement.
desired replacement. If the value of this variable is @code{nil},
replacements are not added to the command history, and cannot be
@cindex faces for highlighting query replace
@cindex query-replace face
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