Commit 72427c46 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* (EXECUTABLES): Remove; macro unused since 1993.

parent 042d8936
2011-01-08 Paul Eggert <>
* (EXECUTABLES): Remove; macro unused since 1993.
2011-01-08 Glenn Morris <>
* (EMACSOPT): Add --no-site-lisp.
......@@ -128,8 +128,6 @@ DONT_INSTALL= test-distrib${EXEEXT} make-docfile${EXEEXT}
SCRIPTS= rcs2log vcdiff
STAMP_SCRIPTS= stamp-rcs2log stamp-vcdiff
# Specify additional -D flags for movemail. Options:
# -DMAIL_USE_FLOCK or -DMAIL_USE_LOCKF (use flock or lockf for file locking).
# See the comments about locking in movemail.c. Normally the values
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